Nicotine: All about nicotine

All about nicotine

As a steamer you are often much more intensely with topics around ingredients, laws and co. Apart, as one has perhaps still done as a tobacco smoke. Just as regards nicotine, its effects and also the risks behind nicotine use, we try to keep our readers up-to-date.

Nicotine named after Jean Nicot who analyzed the effects of the nervous pimples nicotine in the 16th century as the first researcher. One of the controversial discussions associated with cigarettes about nicotine is how harmful it really is. The first question to ask is how toxic is nicotine and how does it work in the human body.

If nicotine substitutes such as pavement, gum, inhaler or lozenges are helpful or are only myths and money-making. What are the differences in the absorption (absorption) of nicotine by tobacco and electronic cigarettes.

From a social point of view, the question arises whether nicotine is not just a pleasure, such as alcohol or coffee. Nicotine has a stimulating effect, but when does it become addiction? Many scientists research whether nicotine is carcinogenic and collect their findings, for example, in the Global Forum on Nicotine. We report here the most frequently asked questions about nicotine and the current status.


What is nicotine

Nicotine is the subtanz from the tobacco plant but also occurs in the potato and tomato. Nicotine falls under the legal drugs for adults. Originally, nicotine comes from America and was brought to Europe by the French diplomat Jean Nicot in the 16th century. Quickly tobacco was consumed at the court in various forms. He was crushed, sniffed and chewed. It was not until the middle of the 18th century that the tobacco became the cigarette.

It is to be assumed that the cigarette will be completely replaced in its present form of inhaler devices in the next 20 years and the consumer will consume pure nicotine in the future. In a few cases, nicotine is also used as a drug. Thus, positive studies were made on Parkinson's disease and on memory enhancement in the elderly.

What is the effect of nicotine

What effect does it have on the brain and can it really addictive or are it the additives that the cigarette manufacturers mix into the tobacco? And how long would it take until the nicotine is completely broken down when there is no supply? Before the development of an e-cigarette, nicotine was mainly consumed through the smoke of tobacco cigarettes. Nicotine enters the lungs via smoke particles and is absorbed into the body. Within just 7 seconds, the nicotine reaches the brain via the blood circulation and thus acts on the body

How toxic is nicotine?

Many researchers always say that nicotine is highly toxic and can even be fatal if too much intake occurs. For years, however, this statement was published based on false values. Only one professor from Austria revealed the error concerning the lethal dose of nicotine.

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