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Nasty Juice 2015 was founded in Malaysia. From the beginning, the aim was to become a cult brand in the big steam scene. But what soon followed were awards at various steam shows around the world. No wonder their liquids are very popular with beginners and long-term vaping enthusiasts. The flavors range from fresh and fruity to sweet and playful. Even after a long period of use, they can always inspire. In this rather fast steaming scene, we also understand how to implement something quickly and start getting involved early on. Nasty Juice comes in a unique packaging with an artistic design. The boxes and bottles make it not only for vaping, but also for keeping value on the shelves, like branded items.

Nasty juice

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 Nasty juice 50ml All Flavors Nasty juice 50ml All Flavors


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What is Base E-Liquid?

Base is the name of the base, unflavored liquid that forms the basis of every e-liquid. The base consists of PG and VG, to which distilled water is sometimes added to dilute the base.

What is Nicotine Booster or Nik Shot?

Nicotine boosters are 10ml base (flavorless) bottles that usually contain 18mg or 20mg of nicotine. They are used to add nicotine to a longfill (flavor) or shortfill (shake & vape).

 Nasty Juice Aroma (Longfill) range

Nasty Juice's flavor range can be divided into several different flavor lines. In addition to the flavor version (long fill), these are also available as a shake & vape version (short fill). The product lines in the Longfill area are as follows:

  • Nasty Juice Originals
  • Nasty Juice Berry
  • Nasty Juice Cushman
  • Nasty Juice Tobacco
  • Nasty Juice Yummy Fruity

Nasty Juice Original Series

Nasty Juice's original product line consists of various flavors consisting primarily of combinations of fruit flavors, with a subtle addition of mint. In this series you will find the following flavors:

  • Bad Blood (20ml aroma)
  • Fat Boy (20ml aroma)
  • Devil Teeth (20ml aroma)
  • ASAP Grape (20ml aroma)
  • Wicked Haze (20ml aroma)
  • Slow Blow (20ml aroma)

Nasty Juice Berry Series

This product line consists of three different berry flavor combinations. They are intended for everyday use. For a long time, people were looking for unique flavors that were not yet available on the market in this combination. This product line consists of the following flavors:

  • Broski Berry (20ml aroma)
  • Sicko Blue (20ml aroma)
  • Stargazing (20ml aroma)

Nasty Juice Cushman series

Nasty Juice's Cushman range is inspired by that brand's original 'Cush Mango'. These flavors consist of a fruit blend with all three flavors of mango and a slight hint of mint. This also makes this series the perfect “all-day version”. In this series you will find the following three flavors:

  • Cush Man Strawberry (20ml aroma)
  • Cush Man Grape (20ml aroma)
  • Cush Man Banana (20ml aroma)

Nasty Juice Tobacco Series

Nasty Juice's tobacco range consists of three tobacco flavors mixed with almond, caramel or vanilla cream. The Silver Blend from this series was awarded the “Best Tobacco” award at the eCigclick Awards in 2018. This series contains the following three variants:

  • Bronze Blend (20ml aroma)
  • Silver Blend (20ml aroma)
  • Gold Blend (20ml aroma)

Nasty Juice Yummy Fruity Series

The Yummy Fruity series from Nasty Juice is a series that is characterized by juicy fruit flavors. The flavors are “mono,” meaning it only contains one flavor, like apple or mango. Within this product line you will find the following flavors:

  • Green Ape (20ml aroma)
  • Trap Queen (20ml aroma)
  • Cushman (20ml aroma)

Nasty Juice is a globally established e-liquid and flavor brand

The Nasty Juice brand has been active on the e-liquid market since 2015 and has developed into a globally known brand. This company has its roots in Malaysia, which also explains the wide range of tropical fruit flavors in this brand's range.

Nasty Juice Awards

In the relatively short period of its existence, this brand has won many awards. Nasty Juice won the “Best International Brand” award at the 2018 & 2019 eCigclick Awards. This is one of the reasons why this brand was able to conquer the German market in a short time.

Nasty Juice Shortfills

In addition to the Nasty Juice flavors in the longfill version, our range also includes Nasty Juice Shake & Vape (shortfill).

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