Diy E liquids

Mixing your own eLiquids may seem like alchemy at first, but it is actually very simple and a real alternative to ready-mixed liquids. Here you get a tailor-made product in which you can choose the components yourself and save a lot of money compared to ready-made liquids


Diy E liquids

 Unflavoured Eliquid VG70/PG30 Unflavoured Eliquid VG70/PG30
Vendor: EirHorse


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BH Tobacco Flavor Concentrate BH Tobacco Flavor Concentrate
Vendor: EirHorse


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 Cappuccino Flavour Concentrate Cappuccino Flavour Concentrate
Vendor: EirHorse


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Blueberry Flavour Concentrate Blueberry Flavour Concentrate
Vendor: EirHorse


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Candy Cane Flavor Conetrate Candy Cane Flavor Conetrate
Vendor: EirHorse


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Cherry Flavour Concentrate Cherry Flavour Concentrate
Vendor: EirHorse


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Cooling Agent - Eirhorse Cooling Agent - Eirhorse
Vendor: EirHorse


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Fruit Enhancer  10ML  Fruit Enhancer 10ML
Vendor: EirHorse


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What is DIY?

Designing your own e-liquid allows you to dose the flavors, choose the base and nicotine level to create a unique e-liquid tailored to your tastes and needs. The principle of doing it yourself is easier than you think!

What are the benefits of making your own e-liquid?

DIY makes it possible to create truly personalized e-liquids. If there are a few dosing rules to follow, you can combine flavors to create a unique liquid. Everything is possible thanks to the wide range of flavors and bases, you can personalize your e-liquid to get the taste you want.

You can also use additives to sublimate the flavors of your e-liquid DIY. There are all kinds of additives. They allow you to achieve a sweet, refreshing, sour or round effect.

Making your e-liquid DIY also allows you to choose your nicotine rate more accurately than with a pre-made e-liquid. The latter are usually offered in 3, 6, 12 or 19.6mg/ml nicotine. If you go from 6mg/ml to 3mg/ml, divide your level by two!

The nicotine content of your DIY e-liquid depends solely on your mix. Here's how to customize your smoking cessation routine that will be gentler. For example, you can make e-liquid in 2, 5 or even 1 mg/ml nicotine for gradual withdrawal.

You will also have the satisfaction of having made your own e-liquid!

Beyond the fun aspect, DIY allows you to achieve significant savings when purchasing your e-liquids. It is important to know that when it comes to resistors, e-liquids make up the largest part of the vaporizer budget.

Even though a DIY e-liquid will never reach the quality of a “finished” e-liquid, by choosing a DIY you will cut your e-liquid budget in half. This is the reason why many experienced vapers turn to this solution.

How do you make your e-liquid DIY?

Are you tired of pre-made liquids in small containers that force you to throw away more plastic than you need? The DIY is for you!

When you make your liquid, you are in complete control and you alone decide the final properties of your recipe.
If you want to make your e-liquid DIY, there are some aspects to know and implement to get a successful juice. First of all, the dosage of the aroma. It is expressed either as a percentage (%) or as the number of drops per 10 ml. The dosage is always indicated using a 50/50 base.

Additionally, the dosage of your concentrated flavor depends on the PG/VG ratio of your base. The more vegetable glycerin your base contains, the more flavoring you will need to use to achieve the same flavor rendition.

Making your own e-liquid requires some basic equipment, but this initial investment is more than offset by the pleasure of creating your own blends, as well as the savings you get from making it yourself.

You therefore need empty bottles, syringes, pipettes to simplify your measurements and tackle the DIY with poise.

The creation of a liquid is summed up by the mixture of three elements, the base, the aroma and the nicotine. You then just have to use your imagination to create e-liquids that look like you, unique juices!

The aging time of a DIY, also called a “steep” is a few days for fruity flavors, compared to about two weeks for a tobacco or gourmet flavor. All of this information can be found on the product sheets.

Are you new to making your own e-liquid DIY and don't want to deal with all the technical details the first time? Don't worry, this won't stop you from getting started and creating your own mixes. To make your work easier, especially when designing the nicotine liquid, www.eliquids.ie offers DIY packages that save you the hassle of calculating how many boosters you need for your mix.

Which base should I choose?

The base is an essential part of making your DIY liquid. Associated with a flavor and possibly nicotine, it allows you to make your e liquid at home.

It consists of vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol, each of which plays a specific role:

  • The PG or propylene glycol has the function of accentuating the taste. It is largely responsible for the laryngeal contraction, commonly known as the "hit" and highly prized by some vaporizers. It produces little vapor and is very liquid.
  • VG, or vegetable glycerin, is a less good flavor enhancer than propylene glycol, but helps produce a dense and creamy vapor. It is very thick.

Most commonly sold basic types

  • 50% Propylene Glycol / 50% Vegetable Glycerin. This type of base is suitable for making an e-liquid with balanced flavors. It is an excellent compromise between flavor intensity and vapor production.
  • 30% Propylene Glycol / 70% Vegetable Glycerin. Here is a base that produces a lot of vapor. It is used to make an e-liquid for use in a high-performance e-cigarette, as the high glycerin content makes the liquid more viscous.

Today all bases are sold without nicotine, it is up to you to add nicotine boosters or not until you reach the desired level. You can also buy a basic pack with its boosters at the rate you want for more ease in making your e-liquid DIY.

However, be careful, your device is not necessarily suitable for all types of surfaces. The clearomizers (tanks) intended for high outputs are more likely to be used with high VG rates to avoid leaks, while the devices intended for indirect inhalation (MTL) require a more fluid liquid (with less VG) in order to to function ideally.

Which flavors should you choose?

Everyone has their own “All Day”, flavors and colors, there’s no arguing about that! Follow your preferences, your wishes and dare to vary the recipes depending on your mood. There are more than a hundred different flavors, you will definitely find the flavors that suit you.

4 families of flavors :

  • Tobacco flavors
  • Menthol flavors
  • Fruity aromas
  • Gourmet flavors

Flavorings are food-grade ingredients, artificial or natural, that add flavor to your homemade liquid. You may sometimes come across the term “concentrate.”

There are two ways to measure its aroma:

  • the number of drops
  • in percent %, i.e. H. in milliliters (1 ml aroma corresponds to 30 drops)

Example: If you need to put 10% of the aroma in the base, you need 10ml for 100ml, so 1 ml of aroma is 30 drops for 10ml of the base.

How long do we have to wait?

Steeping time is the time needed for the flavors to mix with a PG/VG base. Maturation is an essential step your blend goes through to become a successful e-liquid. The principle is simple: mix and let it rest. Patience!

This ripening time depends on the flavors and the strength of your aroma.

Fruity or menthol flavors: These are the flavors that require the least rising time. The concentrate consists of only one aroma, the recommended minimum maturation time is 48 to 72 hours. For complex flavors, i.e. multiple flavors, a minimum soaking time of 7 days is required.

The Gourmet Flavors: The gourmet flavors are a little more complex. The gourmand flavors require a minimum soaking of 2 weeks due to their composition, which often consists of creamy flavors.

Classic Tobacco Flavors: Just like the gourmet flavors, the classic flavors are complex. They also require a minimum soak of 2 weeks. This duration varies depending on the complexity of the classic.

Our advice:

  • Immediately after completing your mixture, cap the bottle and shake vigorously!
  • Allow your mixture to breathe for about 30 minutes by removing the lid from the bottle.
  • After 30 minutes, close the bottle and leave the mixture to rest at room temperature, protected from light.
  • Shake your closed bottle from time to time and test in small doses while steeping to see if your DIY is ready!

Why do we need to add nicotine boosters?

Nicotine, which is also found in traditional cigarettes, is the molecule responsible for addiction. It is also the molecule that causes the feeling of lack. Although it is not in itself more dangerous than chocolate or coffee, it is indirectly more dangerous due to the harmful tobacco addiction that it can cause with all the known consequences.

Adding nicotine to your e-liquid DIY is therefore highly recommended if you want to get away from the traditional cigarette without risking the feeling of withdrawal.

All products containing nicotine are now regulated, as since January 1, 2017 the law prohibits the sale of all products containing more than 20 mg/ml nicotine. You won't find any nicotine-based liquids with more than 10ml.

What does a nicotine booster consist of?

A nicotine booster is a classic neutral base with nicotine. With a capacity of 10 ml, the nicotine booster contains 20 mg/ml nicotine.

As with bases, there are different propylene glycol/vegetable glycerin ratios.

Example: To obtain an e-liquid in 50/50 of PG/VG, we use a booster in 50/50 of PG/VG. This results in a very homogeneous preparation.

One can use a nicotine booster and a neutral base with different PG/VG values, but note that the more nicotine boosters used, the less homogeneous the final liquid will be.

Here are some examples of 100ml base + nicotine booster:

  • 1 booster in a 100ml bottle = 2 mg
  • 2 boosters in a 100 ml bottle = 4 mg
  • 3 boosters in a 100ml bottle = 6 mg
  • 4 boosters in a 100 ml bottle = 8 mg
  • 5 boosters in a 100ml bottle = 10 mg

Why use DIY additives?

Additives are in fact not essential for making your e-liquid DIY, but they allow you to complete your e-liquid recipes. Like salt or pepper on a dish, they help to give relief and make your juices they become true 3-star recipes! On the other hand, they are not intended to be used alone in your recipes. You can find different types of them, for example:

  • The sweetener contains sucralose, which, like a sweetener, enriches the taste of your recipes with a sweet note.
  • The menthol adds a fresh and minty side to associate an invigorating feeling when tasting your recipes.
  • Koolada also gives you the fresh side but without the menthol taste. It is much more neutral and perfect for those who cannot tolerate mint.
  • Vanillin sweetens your mixtures and at the same time gives them a vanilla tone that rounds the whole thing off.


Stick to proportions of 1 to 3% of your liquid base mix + concentrated flavor(s) as the additives are generally very strong!

What precautions should be taken when doing DIY?

Nicotine is a dangerous product, even in diluted form, and must be treated with great caution:

  • Always wear gloves when handling nicotine bases.
  • Keep your nicotine bottles in a place that is only accessible to you, including under lock and key, away from light and out of the reach of children.
  • Flavors and additives should never be used alone. They should always be mixed in a base in small quantities.
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