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Smok Vape Pen 22 v2ml Smok Vape Pen 22 v2ml
Vendor: Smoktech


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Smok Nord Kit  2 Smok Nord Kit 2
Vendor: Smoktech


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Vaporesso Veco Solo Vaporesso Veco Solo
Vendor: Vaporesso


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 Eleaf Elven Vape Pod Kit Eleaf Elven Vape Pod Kit
Vendor: Eleaf


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Our latest e-cigarette kits

Are you looking for a new complete electronic cigarette? Discover our latest e-cigarette kits and novelties that we have unearthed and tested for you!

Our selection of electronic cigarettes to get you started
Discover our selection of e-cigarette kits for beginners. These electronic cigarettes have been specially designed to start vaping in optimal conditions and successfully quit smoking.

The e cig: Principle of operation

The electronic cigarette (or e-cigarette) is an electronic device designed to simulate the act of smoking tobacco by producing a vapor intended to be inhaled. Thanks to an e liquid, the e-cigarette produces a vapor visually resembling the smoke produced by the combustion of tobacco. E-liquids can be flavored and may or may not contain nicotine.

An electronic box looks like a more or less big box stuffed with electronics and control buttons and can accommodate an atomizer. It allows the electrical adjustment of the current to the atomizer (voltage, intensity, temperature) and is also equipped with electronic safety protections such as against short circuits, or even low discharge currents. Most of the time, it is equipped with an OLED screen displaying a lot of information such as the value of the resistance or the number of puffs inhaled. Depending on the model, the battery may or may not be integrated. In the latter case, an external battery is required.

How does an electronic cigarette work?

Electronic Cigarette The operating principle of an electronic cigarette is the same for all models, whether it is an Eleaf electronic cigarette or any other brand: Vaporesso, Joyetech, Kanger, Aspire, Smoketch).

An electronic cigarette is made up of 4 parts, each of which has a specific role:

  • A rechargeable battery: it provides the current needed to heat the resistance. The bigger the battery, the more autonomy the electronic cigarette will have.
  • A resistance: it is this which, by heating, will vaporize the e liquid.
  • A wick: Often made of cotton, its function is to bring the e-liquid contained in the tank to the resistance. The wick and the resistance are most of the time linked.
  • A reservoir or tank: it is the part, more or less important, which will contain the e-liquid.

The resistance, when the current delivered by the battery passes through, heats the e liquid. This temperature is the vaporization temperature of the main compounds of e-liquids, Propylene Glycol (or PG) and Vegetable Glycerin (VG). This vaporization, mixed with the air sucked in, will produce steam and allow you to find the sensation of smoking when inhaled. The sensation felt in the throat, which is called the hit, is essentially caused by nicotine.

Why switch to electronic cigarettes?

There are many reasons to switch to electronic cigarettes! Here are the 5 main reasons:

  • Because it's (much) better for my health
  • It's cheaper for my wallet
  • I will find the taste, the smell, and finish the bad smells
  • It's more eco-friendly
  • To keep my good mood!

For better health

The main reason for choosing to switch to electronic cigarettes is to be healthier. This is shown by a study by Ernst & Young on the e-cigarette market. Indeed, unlike the classic cigarette, the electronic cigarette does not contain tar, carbon monoxide or any of the 4000 other toxic or carcinogenic substances contained in a real cigarette.

Although the electronic cigarette is not officially declared as a smoking cessation product, many users provide satisfactory testimonials on this possibility.

For economic reasons

Beyond health issues, switching to e-cigarettes, whether it's a Vaporesso electronic cigarette or another brand, allows you to make significant savings. E-cigarettes cost less than cigarettes. For standard consumption, this amounts to between 40 and 50 euros per month, while a packet per day costs 180 euros per month.

If the price of an electronic cigarette kit seems expensive to you, a simple calculation indicates that it will be amortized in less than a month

For aesthetic reasons

It's not a legend, the classic tobacco cigarette has an impact on the aesthetics of the body: yellowing teeth and nails, grayish complexion, odors... So many effects that are felt over time. The electronic cigarette makes it possible to move away all these negative aspects. Without combustion, the steam that comes out of it is not harmful to the body. By vaping, you can find a better complexion!

For ecological reasons

The electronic cigarette releases the smell of the e-liquid with which you recharge it. Fruits, cocktails, delicacies; the possibilities are endless! No more smell, no more cigarette butts: you can breathe and your loved ones too! No more disparaging remarks about the discomfort caused by your cigarette, your environment is healthier.

The e-cigarette also eliminates the risk of burns related to ashes and possible fires caused by a poorly extinguished cigarette.

From an ecological point of view, vaping makes it possible to avoid the rejection of cigarette butts in nature, namely: a cigarette butt only disappears after 5 years when it is thrown away.

To keep his good mood

The electronic cigarette retains a gesture close to the cigarette that allows you to reduce the lack associated with stopping or decreasing. On the other hand, you can keep the nicotine while vaping, you just have to choose an e-liquid adapted to your consumption. The risk of feeling any frustration is therefore greatly reduced and it affects your mood!

The main families of electronic cigarettes

To know which electronic cigarette to choose, let's start by looking at the types of e-cigarettes available on the market.

The Cigalike is the electronic cigarette that comes closest to the format of a traditional cigarette. This is why it often seduces beginner vapers. Mistrust ! This type of vaper disappoints both in its lack of power and in the lack of variety of tastes it has.

The sensation in the throat at the time of the passage of vapor proves to be non-existent, while the nicotine intake remains very insufficient. Enough to discourage goodwill at the delicate moment of smoking cessation. In addition, it is a disposable electronic cigarette... and therefore polluting. To be avoided, then!


With the Mod, the beginner vaper enters the world of the modifiable electronic cigarette (hence its name “mod”). Mods allow you to customize your vaping experience by varying the voltage and power delivered, and the vape temperature.

Young vapers can start with an electronic mod, easier to adjust thanks to its chipset, and rechargeable by USB. Tubular electronic mods, in the shape of a large cigar, are easier to transport.

Robust and often aesthetic, this type of electronic cigarette allows an even more complete configuration. The meca mod is generally intended for users of reconstructable atomizers (allowing the manufacture of DIY resistors). It is reserved for experienced vapers and requires a solid knowledge of electricity, because the meca mod does not benefit from the safety features integrated in the electro mod.

Box mods

The mod box has a square or rectangular format. With its larger display and its volume, it is a little more bulky than a tubular mod. However, it has a greater variety of possible settings, and generally offers two power supply modes: by micro USB cable (type of mobile phone cable), or by rechargeable battery.

A mod box can accommodate between 1 and 3 batteries, thus offering a very satisfactory autonomy to moderate smokers and heavy smokers.

Cartridge pods

electronic cigarette very practical pod format The POD format is THE novelty 2019 to discover! It is an all-in-one electronic cigarette model with both a convincing battery life and enough power to deliver the right hit and a nice amount of vapor.

Prefer a refillable cartridge model, more ecological and economical than a disposable and polluting cartridge pod and which suffers from a lack of variety in terms of e-liquid flavors, which should however be corrected over time.

In the context of smoking cessation, it is often recommended for medium and heavy smokers as a 2nd electronic cigarette with an e-liquid with nicotine salts.

Mistakes to avoid when choosing

Error 1: Starting with an electronic cigarette that is too small is not recommended

In recent years, we have seen many models of electronic cigarettes whose size approached a classic tobacco cigarette, especially in the storefronts of tobacco companies. Although we can understand the desire to find a model approaching a tobacco cigarette, this choice turns out to be catastrophic for many adventurers of the vape.

Indeed, the technologies used in these small sizes of so-called cigalike electronic cigarette are first generation. We therefore find the defects of the very first electronic cigarettes: production of vapor too low, battery life clearly insufficient, almost non-existent hit and, which is related, quantity of nicotine delivered too low. In addition, the lack of after-sales service and the relative reliability of these e-cigarettes have demotivated many people in their desire to quit tobacco.

It is for all these reasons that we do not recommend this type of electronic cigarette...

Error 2: choosing an e-cig that is too complex to start with is a mistake

On the contrary, we see some beginners wanting to acquire equipment that we would qualify as expert: dripper atomizer or rebuildable tank on RBA plate, ultra-advanced box with multiple modes and able to output 200W on NiCr wire provided you set the right one. heating coefficient in TCR mode… Some gibberish for you? Exactly.

Admittedly, this type of material often impresses with its power and the extent of its possibilities. However, it is not recommended for new vapers, whose technological complexity could quickly discourage them.

To quit smoking effectively and avoid falling for traditional cigarettes, it is best to first opt for equipment that is quick to learn. Nothing is more frustrating than not being able to take advantage of your brand new vaper when the need arises!

To sum up, the criteria to remember when choosing your first electronic cigarette kit are:

  • Autonomy: sufficient battery and e-liquid tank
  • Ease of use
  • Performance, to properly deliver nicotine

Further up on this same page, you will find a test advising you of the best electronic cigarettes based on your daily tobacco consumption. We have selected for you models of electronic cigarette kits that are simple to use, reliable and efficient.

Error 3: We start the electronic cigarette with nicotine

The third mistake when you want to switch to the electronic cigarette is to want a minimum nicotine level, or even to go directly to 0 mg, ie an e-liquid without nicotine.

It is essential to choose the right nicotine level! Too low a rate will not meet the "needs" of the smoker and a state of craving will quickly be felt. Finding the right nicotine dosage allows you to avoid this craving effect, so as not to “dive back”.
The hit is important

The hit is the famous sensation of smoke passing through the throat so dear to smokers. Even if a high-performance material can accentuate it, it is mainly due to the nicotine dosage contained in the e-liquid. A high dosage of nicotine, for example 18 mg, will give you a strong hit, an e-liquid with a dosage of 6 mg will have a light hit, while 0 mg (without nicotine), will not give you any hit and this , whatever the material.

The criteria for choosing the right electronic cigarette

You are a beginner, what is your smoking profile?

How to know which electronic cigarette suits you? Let's start by determining your smoking profile to make a first selection in the models of electronic cigarettes and the nicotine level you need.

  • You do not smoke every day: occasional smoker, your electronic cigarette will accompany you in your evenings or your moments of relaxation. For fun, only!
  • You smoke between 3 and 5 cigarettes a day: you are a light smoker, with a relatively low nicotine addiction. Your vaper will help you effectively do without cigarettes when the urge to smoke appears.
  • You smoke between 6 and 12 cigarettes a day: you are a moderate smoker. You can do without cigarettes for several hours, for example at the office, but still suffer from a certain addiction. A suitable dosage of nicotine will allow you to overcome the withdrawal effect.
  • You smoke more than 12 cigarettes a day: you are a heavy smoker, addicted to nicotine. The electronic cigarette, as well as a sufficient dosage of nicotine in your e-liquid, can allow you to reduce your tobacco consumption. Until the day when you simply say goodbye to your pack of cigarettes!

Direct or indirect inhalation?

The electronic cigarette allows two modes of inhalation which are direct or indirect inhalation. To simplify, he points out that:

  • Direct inhalation is often the mark of experienced vapers. The vapor produced passes directly from the mouth to the lungs, said while the vaper “vapes as he breathes”.
  • Indirect inhalation is recommended for beginner vapers. It allows them to get as close as possible to the sensations of industrial cigarettes. The vapor remains in the mouth for a few seconds, before being sucked into the lungs, then spat out.

Indirect inhaling requires a vape material of moderate power, and a sufficiently high resistance. People who are new to electronic cigarettes are generally advised to vape with a resistance greater than 1 Ohm, and at a power between 10 and 20 W. It is better to avoid boxes that are too powerful and e-liquids with a high nicotine content.

Choose the autonomy of your e-cigarette adapted to your situation

Autonomy is an important criterion in the choice of your future electronic cigarette. For example :

  • For a light smoker, an electronic cigarette of less than 1000 mAh will be sufficient
  • An average smoker will opt for an autonomy between 1000 and 2000 mAh
  • We are aiming for an autonomy greater than 2000 mAh for a heavy smoker

Built-in battery or not?

Autonomy also depends on your activities. If you work in an office and have a power outlet or USB, you can choose a built-in battery. If, on the contrary, you spend a lot of time outdoors or on the move, the electronic cigarette with rechargeable and interchangeable batteries will allow you to always have a full battery in advance.

Choosing the right nicotine level?

On average, an industrial cigarette contains about 1 mg of nicotine, twice that for a roll or a tube. The nicotine level further depends on how you pull your cigarette. The amount of nicotine can be up to 5 mg if you pull very hard and very quickly on your cigarette!

The level of nicotine to be expected in your e-liquid also depends on the number of cigarettes you smoke each day:

  • A person who smokes 12 blond cigarettes a day, with a normal draw, ingests approximately 12 mg of nicotine. We will thus advise a liquid dosed at 12 mg / ml with a consumption of 1 ml per day (a 10ml vial lasts about 10 days).

Of course, this calculation is only valid with an electronic cigarette kit equipped with a resistance greater than 1 Ohm. In sub-Ohm (less than 1 Ohm), the consumption is much higher, but this type of resistance is not recommended for a first electronic cigarette.

Another example :

  • With a smoker of rolls, consuming 8 cigarettes a day, we will rather count 2 mg of nicotine per cigarette, or 18mg per day. So, an e-liquid of 18 mg/ml.

Are e-cigarettes more dangerous than tobacco?

A study by the body dependent on the health authorities of Great Britain, Public Health England, published in August 2015 estimates that the electronic cigarette is approximately 95% less harmful than the tobacco cigarette and that its use should be encouraged among smokers wishing Stop.

One of the authors of this study, Professor Kevin Fenton, states that "Electronic cigarettes are not completely risk-free but when compared to tobacco, the results show that they carry only a fraction of harmfulness".

Indeed, most of the chemical components - 93 compounds recognized as carcinogenic or dangerous - responsible for diseases associated with tobacco are absent from electronic cigarettes. Because unlike tobacco cigarettes, there is no combustion and therefore no tar or CO (carbon monoxide). However, it is combustion that is responsible for the toxicity of conventional cigarettes.

It goes even further. Ann McNeil, who contributed to this same study states that "The results consistently show that the e-cigarette is an additional tool for quitting smoking and in my view, smokers should try vaping and those who vape should quit smoking completely.

Let us also quote the words of Professor Bertrand Dautzenberg, pulmonologist at Pitié-Salpêtrière, and well known to vapers: "the data are clear today: the risks associated with electronic cigarettes are much lower than those found with the tobacco. One year of electronic cigarettes presents a risk equivalent to one day of tobacco use".

One thing is certain, it is for the tobacco industry that the electronic cigarette is dangerous!

Ok but is there a risk of passive smoking for others with the electronic cigarette?

Passive Smoking, Electronic Cigarettes and Nicotine At the end of 2015, a team of scientists from the University of San Francisco made public the results of a study on the absorption by a vaper of the main components of the vapor emitted with an electronic cigarette.

Based on their experiments, they made the following observations:

  • 94% of the nicotine inhaled is retained by the vaper, in other words 6% of the amount of nicotine inhaled is returned to the ambient air
  • 92% of Propylene Glycol (PG) and 89% of Vegetable Glycerin (VG) are retained by the vaper

What can we learn from it? For Jacques Le Houezec, public health consultant, specialist in tobacco addiction issues, and president of the SOVAPE association, this study confirms that passive vaping does not exist. The French pharmacologist thus believes that the ban on vaping in public places is not justified. In addition, he concludes that "the electronic cigarette is very effective in delivering nicotine, therefore in helping smokers to quit smoking".

And the remaining 6% then? Can we then say that there is passive vaping with the passage of nicotine into the blood of non-vaping non-smokers? When you know the nature of the products released (absence of carbon monoxide, tar, or toxic particles) as well as the half-life of electronic cigarette vapor (time after which half of these droplets have disappeared into the air ambient) which is 11 seconds (that of tobacco smoke is 17 minutes), we can think (and more and more studies show it) that even if passive vaping exists, it remains much less, even negligible compared to that caused by tobacco smoke.

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