Vape battery mod for your e-cigarette

The battery carrier is the component of an e-cigarette, which contains the battery and takes care of the regulation of the power when vaping. This control is either automatic or can be set manually - the setting options and functions of the various models differ depending on the type of evaporator for which they were manufactured. There are battery mods that still have to be equipped with batteries in order to be fully functional, but also those that are already equipped with built-in batteries. In the past it was seen as a disadvantage to buy a battery carrier with an integrated battery, but nowadays the permanently installed batteries can have an extremely long service life, which actually makes changing them completely unnecessary. eCigarettes with a built-in battery are, for example, almost all AIO (All In One) models from various manufacturers on the vape market.


Aspire Glint Mod 75 Watt Aspire Glint Mod 75 Watt
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Aspire Zelos 50W  Vape Mod Aspire Zelos 50W Vape Mod
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GeekVape T200 Mod GeekVape T200 Mod
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Battery mod - what are the differences?

Apart from the difference that some battery carriers have to be equipped with exchangeable batteries and in others the battery is permanently integrated and cannot be changed, there are big differences in the design and in the performance. From compact mini battery carriers to battery carriers with two or more batteries and with over 200 watts of power, there is now everything on the vaping market that your heart desires. There are also no design limits when it comes to combination options. From noble, golden and shiny to flashy color mixes and crazy designs, everything can be found.

Battery mod and Tank

Almost all regulated battery mods use a so-called 510 thread. This allows a wide variety of devices or their individual parts to be combined. Your favorite vaporizer can easily be used with the new battery mod and vice versa. In addition, security is of course also taken care of. Regardless of whether a MOD is regulated or unregulated, it is always equipped with deep discharge and overcharge protection. In addition, almost all devices have various warning functions. For example, you can read the current battery status from the display at any time or be warned if the battery should become too warm (temperature control).

Adjustable battery mod - the advantages

The main advantage of an adjustable battery carrier is the variety of setting and control options. With the volt and watt control you can, for example, regulate the amount of steam produced, the temperature and the density of the steam. If you are not sure how many watts you should use, the information on the coil head will usually give you away. Of course, battery mods can not only be regulated, but often also have an LCD display, which shows you the current value of your settings.

With proper storage and use, modern battery mods can vape at full power for several hours and ensure a lot of vaping fun. Under no circumstances should the battery mod be stored in the hot sun or near any other heat source. Before using the battery carrier or batteries for the first time, it is advisable to have them fully charged and not to interrupt the charging process. The charging time can be up to three hours, depending on the charger and battery. Only then is the battery capacity fully guaranteed.

Which e-cigarette mod to buy?

The functions of the different battery mods as well as their individual advantages and disadvantages are so diverse that advice is always worthwhile. If you have any further questions, our support will be happy to help you via email or phone. Choose your favorite model and buy your product easily, cheaply and without risk in our e-cigarette shop!

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