Eco-Friendly Vaping

The Ecological Vaping Program is a new project for all Vapers who want to introduce ecological solutions in their lives. Pro-ecological activities can impact many key areas of our environment.

To meet new ecological challenges, we present our offer of E Cigarette at extraordinary prices for all those who want to take care of the Irish environment. We hope that the trend we are starting here will cause some Irish vapers to decide to stop using disposable vaping devices.

Special Offer

A real impact on reducing the amount of vape waste in your hands.

Disposable vapes are growing in popularity. An estimated five million units are now sold every month - especially to young people. Crazy flavors like Raspberry Lemonade, Cotton Candy Ice or Peach Rings particularly appeal to this target group. But the colorful disposable items with electronic components are a prime example of environmentally harmful consumption. The short-lived enjoyment of disposable e-cigarettes can not only harm your health, but also has serious consequences for nature. Because after a few hundred puffs, the vape pens are no longer useful and end up in the trash or are carelessly thrown away.

Valuable resources for a short-term lifestyle

Disposable e-cigarettes are devices powered by lithium-ion batteries that are permanently installed and cannot be recharged or replaced. Lithium-cobalt oxide used in batteries is a limited raw material and has been criticized many times because it is obtained in problematic conditions (polluted groundwater). It is madness to use this raw material to produce a disposable lifestyle product and thus waste valuable resources - especially since refillable and rechargeable electronic cigarettes can be used, and the raw materials used to produce disposable e-cigarettes could be much better used, among others. for electric bikes.

Disposable waste from e-cigarettes pollutes the environment

Unfortunately, disposable e-cigarettes are usually not disposed of properly. Because of their electronic components, they do not belong in the household waste, but are electronic waste that is difficult to recycle. If they end up in conventional residual waste, they unnecessarily pollute it with pollutants and the valuable resources used are permanently lost. The recycling of lithium cobalt oxide would be particularly important due to the high demand.

If the disposable vapes don't go into the trash at all, but are simply thrown away carelessly (littering), the problem is even bigger. Toxic substances such as lithium, nicotine and flavors then enter the environment and harm plants and living beings. Groundwater is also at risk. If the casings of the vapes are made of plastic, this remains in the natural cycle as microplastics.

In addition to the loss of raw materials and environmental pollution, there is also the risk of fires caused by the lithium-ion batteries contained in disposable e-cigarettes.

Eco-friendly vaping is not just a buzzword.

The Councils of England and Wales have called on the UK Government to ban the sale of disposable e-cigarettes by 2024, on both environmental and health grounds. The European Union has proposed a ban from 2026. Each of us can and even should care for the natural environment. After all, even the smallest decisions, such as throwing away a plastic water bottle or an ice cream container in the wrong place, can have a huge impact on the condition of our planet on a broader scale. In addition to all this, there are also rapid climate changes and the rapid development of civilization, which means that nature, which has already been through a lot, suffers even more from year to year. Therefore, the topic of environmental protection is so important nowadays that it should not be avoided - it should be talked about loudly and at every possible opportunity!

If you want to start consciously caring for the environment, consider giving up disposable vaporization devices.
This type of vape waste currently poses one of the biggest environmental threats in Ireland.

We hope that our extensive offer will help you make the right choice.

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