Hangsen E-Liquid - The largest manufacturer in the world.

Hangsen has developed into one of the most important manufacturers on the E-Liquid market in only a few years and for a very special reason. Hangsen produces e-liquids of fantastically high quality. The taste and aroma are simply unique when you buy an e-liquid from Hangsen and therefore Hangsen is also one of our clear favorites and has of course found its way into theeliquids.ie webshop.

Hangsen  E-Liquids are available in various nicotine strengths, which should be considered when you buy an e-liquid. You can purchase your e-liquid with 0mg, 6mg, 12mg or 18mg nicotine. If you have smoked a lot before you switch to the e-cigarette, you should think about an e-liquid with a high amount of nicotine. On the contrary, if you smoked little or not at all, you should choose a low nicotine strength. You can of course buy her e-liquid without any nicotine. Nicotine-free E-Liquids will provide you with the fantastic taste flavor known for the Hangsens E-Liquids.

So that we can satisfy all our customers, we have a huge selection of E-Liquids from Hangsen. Here you will find everything your heart desires. In this category you will find, for example, E-Liquids with fruit flavor. Perfect when you want a mild, sweet taste when steaming your e-cigarette. Also, we have e.g. Also e-liquids with the taste of alcoholic beverages, you should be a fan of whiskey, rum or mojito. And, of course, you can get quite normal tobacco flavor if you want the taste you know of ordinary cigarettes. The choice is up to you. However, it is certain that we are proud of our wide range of E-Liquids. The name Hangsen stands for quality, which is only your advantage to your vapers experience.

E Liquid Hangsen

Hangen liquids made of natural ingredients based on PG / VG in a 70/30 ratio. Expressive taste and as close as possible to the traditional ones they refer to. However, it should be remembered that the initial aromatic and flavor substances are obtained from tobacco grown and prepared for smoking in the company's own plots and in specialized plants run by their own specialists. If, for example, Hangsen produces a liquid with the taste of Flue Cured, you can be convinced that it is made from virginia dried by the fire-pipe method, feremented to a brown color, subjected to the maturation process and only from such prepared raw material it makes decoctions, concretes and absolutes, which after after cleaning, they are used to flavor glycol, glycerin or mixed bases.

The online store www.eliquids.ie makes sure that all liquids offered to customers - regardless of the manufacturer - have a natural, reliable and adequately intense flavor and that the subsequent batches do not change their character. There is no way our liquids have a chemical flavor. Before the next batch goes to stores, it is checked by us and our consultants in the best atomizers with repeatable properties. And although the flavors of permeating liquids are actually mainly a chemical laboratory, we strive to ensure that the bases, esters, essential oils, other aromas and additives are as pure as possible and that there are no foreign, unnatural accents in the taste.

All our requirements are met by Hangsen products. In this case, by liquids based on propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin in a proportion of 70 to 30 percent. Such a composition of the base is the most neutral in taste, at the same time it ensures perfect dissolution of all ingredients and produces a rich mist when heated. Hangsen, despite being one of the largest producers of liquids in the world, strives for what we are trying to do. Subsequent batches are repeatable, recipes developed to perfection, production processes supervised by taste experts at every stage.

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