IVG Bar Disposable Vape

IVG is a premium e-liquid manufacturer from Great Britain that is finally conquering the disposable market with the stylish IVG Bar. This disposable e-cig is available in 18 delicious flavors and comes in a slim and modern pen-style design 'as if made of one piece'. The mod is decorated with "I Vape Great" and "IVG" lettering. The very ergonomic mouthpiece nestles perfectly against the lips and the non-slip soft-touch surface make the overall package a real pleasure to hold. The IVG Bar catches the eye with its bright and different colors - you can immediately see which flavor is being steamed or where the conspicuous little thing is calling for its owner.


Disposable IVG Bar e-cigarette

Thanks to IVG Bar, a popular liquid manufacturer from England, launches its disposables in 18 delicious flavors. As with all disposable e-cigarettes, the IVG Bar comes with a pre-charged 500mAh battery and a full fluid reservoir. After unpacking, you can start vaping right away.

As a long-standing fluid expert, IVG is now also showing the wide range of flavors the manufacturer has to offer in the disposable market. In addition to fruit delicacies, there are also cool varieties for hot days. Every vaper will find something for themselves.

Operation and handling are easier than ever before. Just unpack the device. No further steps are required, such as filling or charging. To vape, pull the IVG mouthpiece and steam production will start.

The behavior of the couple is primarily adapted to ex-smokers. The resistance to drawing is relatively high, which will satisfy even long-term vapers (MTL).

According to the manufacturer, the combination of a 500mAh battery and 2.0 ml of fluid is enough for about 800 puffs. However, depending on the intensity and duration of the draw, the running time of each device can vary considerably.

IVG fluids provide good flavor. The nicotine salt used in the liquid has a positive side effect. The scratchy throat, which is often perceived as unpleasant, is significantly reduced, making vaping with an IVG battery particularly enjoyable.

If you decide to go for a refillable e-cigarette in the long run, it is preferable to use equivalent liquids with nicotine salt. This makes the vaping experience comparable and enjoyable.

The IVG bar is available from us in the following delicious flavors:

  • Grape Aloe Ice: A delicious combination of aloe vera and cold grapes.
  • Blueberry Lemonade Ice: Sweet berries meet cold lemonade.
  • blue raspberry ice: Blue raspberries with icy freshness.
  • classic menthol: pure menthol for refreshment.
  • cola ice: iced cola with a little menthol
  • energy ice: An energy drink with cooling ice cubes.
  • exotic mangoes: Tropical mangoes.
  • Fuji Apple Melon: Japanese apples with juicy pieces of melon.
  • mango lychee: a fruit blend of mango and lychee.
  • passion fruit: an exotic blend with a slight acidity.
  • peach rings: sweet peach rings.
  • pink lemonade: lemonade with grapefruit and cool ice.
  • polar mint: ice mint.
  • rainbow: A colorful mix of fruits and berries.
  • Raspberry lemonade: The cool raspberry lemonade.
  • Ruby guava ice: Delicious guava with refreshing menthol.
  • Strawberry Watermelon: Sweet strawberries with a juicy watermelon.
  • Vanilla pudding tobacco: aromatic tobacco with creamy vanilla.

We have alternatives to disposable devices such as the IVG Bar

We offer many exciting alternatives for all new vapers who find it too expensive to use disposables in the long run. Especially in the long run, the pod kits for which vapers can fill their own liquid are much cheaper. In the case of pods, the battery can also be recharged many times and the reservoir can be replaced.

We also offer special complete sets for beginners. Here you can start with different liquids with different nicotine strengths. The devices in these sets are already well-established and have already convinced many beginners with their easy operation and good taste.

Alternatively, you can also choose a different device and order the liquid or nicotine salt liquid separately. This option provides an even more personalized vaping experience.

IVG Bar Disposable Vape:

  • Disposable IVG E-cigarette Bar Suitable for beginners: yes
  • Type: Disposable / Unidirectional
  • adjustable: no
  • Battery capacity: 500 mAh
  • Tank capacity: 2.0 ml
  • Filling: impossible
  • Charging option: no
  • Train Automation: Yes
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