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Vampire Vape is a recognized e-liquid brand that debuted on the Vape market in 2012, offering only 12 flavors of vape juices. It is now a global company offering over 60 flavors, the most notable of which are Pinkman and Heisenberg, which have won numerous awards at prestigious events.


Vampire Vape

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Heisenberg Liquid - maximum variety of flavors

Admittedly, the idea of refining a fruit liquid with a menthol aroma is not new. The result is all the more impressive. If you vape Heisenberg, you have the feeling of consuming several liquids at once. Numerous fine taste nuances press the handle into each other's hands. When you inhale, a pleasant note of anise and menthol spreads, the freshness of which gently tickles your palate. As the vapor unfolds on exhalation, it is replaced by an intense fruity note. Currants and blueberries greet you in a friendly way and leave an incredibly delicious end impression. A hint of liquorice resonates with every puff. You will notice the incredible variety this liquid has to offer, for example with wattage variations. Play around with the setting options of your e-cigarette and discover new taste nuances. Vampire Vape Heisenberg is a perfectly matured liquid that has been continuously developed over the years by the company founded in England in 2012. The highest quality and hygiene standards apply to the production and selection of ingredients. A good traceability of all manufacturing steps and the use of flavors and base in food quality illustrate the premium claim of Vampire Vape.
Heisenberg - 10 ml full of steam euphoria

The Heisenberg Liquid from Vampire Vape not only tastes good, it is also really fun. Due to the high proportion of VG, thick clouds of fog quickly appear, which waft happily in the light and to the music. The product is available in nicotine strengths of 0 mg / ml, 3 mg / ml, 6 mg / ml and 12 mg / ml. The liquid comes in a 10 ml squirt bottle and can be easily poured into the tank of your e-cigarette with the help of the attached filler neck. Discover the fascinating and unique taste experience of this exceptional liquid. We look forward to your order.

 Pinkman Liquid from Vampire Vape

Convinces with a very fruity aroma. The exotic fruit experience ensures a real taste explosion on the palate. The liquid is supplied in a practical 10 ml refill bottle. The vapor development of the Pinkman Vampire Vape Liquid is great and also convinces every discerning vaper. This e-liquid is a limited edition from the manufacturer - it can be used in every e-cigarette.

Made in UK - Vampire Vape e-liquids

Vampire Vape was founded in the UK in 2012. In 2014 Vampire Vape merged with Lord / Trundle GbR, which brought Vampire Vape Germany to life. When developing the liquids made in the UK, Vampire Vape focuses on the quality of the taste. This is constant and independent of the nicotine strength and the e-cigarette used. Many vapers combine Vampire Vape with the two types of liquid Heisenberg and Pinkman, which were specially developed for VapeFest2014.

E Liquid with and without nicotine

The Vampire Vape Liquids are available in four different versions. You can choose between a nicotine-free version with 0 milligrams of nicotine per milliliter, as well as the versions with 3, 6, 12 AND 18 mg of nicotine per milliliter. With a bottle of Vampire Vape you get 10 milliliters of liquid. The liquid bottle has a narrow filling aid and a child safety lock on the cap.

Vampire Vape - tobacco, fruit and menthol flavors

Vampire Vape has liquids with tobacco flavors such as Smooth Weston or Sweet Tobacco, as well as various liquids with fruit flavors such as Cherry Tree, Applelicious or Banana in its range. With the liquids Black Ice or Berry Menthol you get liquids with the flavor menthol. The Vampire Vape Liquid Rhubarb & Custard develops the taste of vanilla pudding with rhubarb and the Liquid Cool Red Lips the taste of cherries and mint as it evaporates. Thus, different flavors with combined aromas can be found in the range.


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