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The Best Clearomizers for Electronic Cigarette. In the category you will find the suitable Clearomizer for your electronic cigarette. In addition to classic Atomizers for beginners, you will also find popular Clearomizers like the Aspire, Joyetech, iSmoka-Eleaf, Smok-Tech.

Which Clearomizer is right for me?

Whilst for beginners Vapers, low-cost clearomizers without replaceable atomizer heads are sufficient - they just have to be filled with liquid and screwed onto the e-cigarette and are disposed of after wear - we advise everyone else to use modern Clearomizers with replaceable replacement coils heads. In the case of these Takns or clearomizers, the entire product can usually be cleaned and only a small part, called the coil head, is replaced when worn. The Atomizer models with replaceable coil heads are more expensive than "one-way" Clearomizers ( CE4 ) - but in the long run they are saved because of the favorable spare parts. A further advantage of the Clearomizer models with interchangeable coil head is the mostly higher cloud development than in starter models.


Buy clearomizers in numerous variants online at low prices

On top of every battery mod is the elementary important vaporizer of an e-cigarette. As the name suggests, it is used to vaporize the vaporizer liquids that are added and finally inhaled, which are available in an incredible number of different flavors, such as tobacco or fruit liquid. The devices that heat the steam juice are available in different designs, which bring different steam results with them. In addition to prefabricated, ready-to-install evaporators, there are also do-it-yourself kits in which you can install the heating wires and coils according to your own requirements.

Clearomizer overview:

Tank - the collector: With this design, a mostly round liquid tank surrounds the internal evaporator head. The so-called coil consists largely of stainless steel, which vaporizes the cotton wool soaked in the liquid by heating wires. Because a different amount of liquid is literally filled around the coil, this type of liquid is referred to as a tank evaporator.

Drip evaporator - the gourmand: Contrary to the long range of a tank evaporator, drip evaporators are designed for one, perfect puff. In the absence of a tank, liquid is always dripped directly onto the cotton wool from above, resulting in a perfect taste with every puff.

Wrap clearomizer yourself

Self-winding vaporizers for e-cigarettes are currently experiencing a real hype. To improve and intensify the taste experience, ambitious vapers nowadays work out their own coils. The advantage is that there are hardly any limits in terms of customization options and you can try it out endlessly until you have developed your own personal winding. In addition to maximizing the flavor developed in the steam, costs are also saved in the long term. Normal disposable vaporizers are thrown away after the heating coil is used up, differently with the do-it-yourself: A defective heating coil can simply be rebuilt with new wire, or maybe it should be a different winding?

Cleaning and maintenance to maximize durability and service life

Over a long period of time, a kind of residue will form in your clearomizer, which can be traced back to the vast amounts of liquid that you have evaporated during this time. Then, at the latest, it is high time to clean your atomizer and give it a new shine. For example, alcohol can be used in conjunction with a cotton swab to get into the most distant corners. Every atomizer head comes to an end at some point after repeated use. There is a huge selection of new atomizer heads that you have to choose between. But keep in mind that not every coil is compatible with your device, so it's best to simply read our manufacturer recommendations.

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