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The Best Clearomizers for Electronic Cigarette. In the category you will find the suitable Clearomizer for your electronic cigarette. In addition to classic Atomizers for beginners, you will also find popular Clearomizers like the Aspire, Joyetech, iSmoka-Eleaf, Smok-Tech.

Which Clearomizer is right for me?

Whilst for beginners Vapers, low-cost clearomizers without replaceable atomizer heads are sufficient - they just have to be filled with liquid and screwed onto the e-cigarette and are disposed of after wear - we advise everyone else to use modern Clearomizers with replaceable replacement coils heads. In the case of these Takns or clearomizers, the entire product can usually be cleaned and only a small part, called the coil head, is replaced when worn. The Atomizer models with replaceable coil heads are more expensive than "one-way" Clearomizers ( CE4 ) - but in the long run they are saved because of the favorable spare parts. A further advantage of the Clearomizer models with interchangeable coil head is the mostly higher cloud development than in starter models.

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