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Pod Cartridge

Pods & cartridges for pod-based systems are uncomplicated, small and require little user experience. The coil is usually already integrated. Some pods are closed disposable systems in which the liquid is already pre-filled.

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Pod Cartridge

Pod system: The structure

In the last ten years, e-cigarettes have become increasingly established on the market and are being created by numerous manufacturers and even designers. The current trend is the pod system, which is becoming more and more popular due to the simple concept. The pods are becoming more and more established, especially for beginners and as a replacement device, since the exchange is successful even with little knowledge of e-cigarettes.

The recipe for the success of the pod systems lies in the shape. You completely do without individual components such as heads, battery carriers or separate tanks. All parts are conveniently combined in a closed unit and only the pods themselves can be replaced. These are already filled and do not have to be supplied with liquid yourself. As a result, there is no risk of spilling liquid, which can happen quickly, especially with inexperienced hands. The openings for filling the e-cigarettes are not really big, which makes this task much more difficult. This is exactly the reason why so many newcomers and newcomers rely on the pods. Even if the vaper has problems filling classic e-cigarettes, the pod systems are not dependent on it. With just a few clicks or movements, the used pod is removed and replaced with a fresh one. This is filled with fresh liquid and does not even have to be cleaned before use, which is necessary with the tank of an e-cigarette.

Pod system: who is it worth it for?

The only downside to a pod system is the battery. Since these are compact devices that can be stowed in a pocket or a small backpack, the capacity suffers significantly. Devices with capacities of 200 to 350 mAh are typical. Anyone who travels a lot and doesn't have a socket available during this time will quickly complain about an empty battery. In addition, vapers have to rely on the flavor selection of the manufacturer of the pod system, which of course clearly limits the number of liquids that can be vaped. It doesn't require any tools or a lot of hassle for pod replacement. Likewise, many of the pod systems do not have individual adjustment options, which is particularly appealing to beginners. They can simply enjoy vaping without having to deal with settings such as performance or airflow control.

Pod systems are evolving

In addition to the actual variant of the pod systems, these are also being further developed to offer vapers more options. More and more systems are found whose pods can be filled with a separate liquid without having to dispose of them beforehand. These can be refilled and thus used again via a mechanism that differs from manufacturer to manufacturer. As soon as the aroma of the liquid changes significantly in taste, it is time to change it. An interesting alternative to the classic pod system.

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