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You can travel with an e-cigarette, but your ability to use it while traveling may sometimes be limited and your destination may also be subject to restrictions. Airlines have strict rules on how e-cigarettes are packaged, used in airports and during flights, and the rules often mirror those on smoking. Be sure to check the regulations in your destination country to avoid potentially serious consequences.


If you're planning to go on a nice, sunny vacation this year, you need to be aware that there are many countries that have banned the use of personal vaping devices, and traveling with a vape/e-cigarette on flights can make you feel stressed.

If you are traveling abroad with your device and want to know if you can take your e-cig in your hand luggage, it is important to know which countries actually allow vaping and whether you can put e-cigs in your hand luggage.

Regulations regarding traveling with vapes/e-cigarettes to airports and by plane are constantly changing. These regulations vary by airline and airport - so be sure to check.


When you go abroad on holiday, make sure that e-cigarette batteries are carried in your hand luggage. All airlines only allow two lithium-ion batteries - this is a very well-known airport standard.


The rules at the airport are very strict. When packing your e-cigarette and e-liquids before departure, you must ensure that you comply with all specific airline regulations. Using an e-cigarette or vaping device on any aircraft (unless you have your own private jet) is prohibited

Some airlines allow you to carry small 10 ml bottles of vaping juice or e-paper in your hand luggage. However, it is recommended to pack e-liquids in checked luggage and NOT in hand luggage. You can't vape on a plane so this shouldn't be a problem for you, better safe than sorry.

If you decide to take e-liquids with you on a plane, treat them like any other liquid and place them in a clear plastic bag when going through security and check with your airline to see how many bottles of liquid you can take on board.

Be sure to remember to pack the charger and the power supply convector.

There are many airports, such as Hong Kong, and airlines, such as Flybe, that do not allow the transport of e-liquids or nicotine-containing cartridges. They are considered poison. please check when booking your holiday - Flybe liquids.

Since flight rules and regulations are constantly changing and may change at any time, you need to make sure the airline you are traveling with allows the use of vaping devices.


Vaping rules change depending on the airport you are flying from. Unfortunately, you have to be prepared for all kinds of strict restrictions, unless you are taking off from an airport in the Amazon basin :). Nobody asks anything there.

If vaping is legal in the country you flew into, there is most likely a designated smoking area at the airport. If in doubt, just ask the airport staff.


Remember that any combinations related to vaping in unauthorized places most often end in problems.

A thoughtless vaper who decided to take the risk of vaping in an airplane bathroom was caught doing so and given a lifetime ban from the specified airline.

The assumption that smoke detectors are very unlikely to go off is a false assumption. Modern sensors are activated by lasers and are designed to recognize smoke as an obstacle. Basically, any cloud from your e-cigarette can cause them. And then it's a serious matter.

One rule you absolutely must follow is to read the airlines' policies regarding vaping devices.

Qatar Airways is the airline where people have been arrested and imprisoned for vaping on flights.

Vaping Bans in the World.

You need to make sure you check if you can take your e-cigarette with you to the country you are traveling to because you could end up with a huge fine or even worse, jail time.

Countries that do not allow vaping (2024):

Australia,Thailand, India, Philippines, Taiwan, Argentina, Brazil, Brunei, Cambodia, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Egypt, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Jordan, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Mexico, Panama, Seychelles, Singapore, South Africa, Tunisia, Turkey, UAE, Uganda, Uruguay, Venezuela and Vietnam.


This list of countries we have included in this article represents the countries that officially state that vaping is illegal. However, you must take into account that this list is constantly changing. If you are unsure whether the country you are traveling to allows vaping, please contact the relevant airline.

We hope this article has given you a good idea of what to expect when traveling with an electronic cigarette on (international) flights and whether you can use your e-cigarettes/vape tanks/vape pens in airport terminal buildings.

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