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Everything about e-cigarettes

Everything about e-cigarettes

First things first - A New Vaper's Guide

This text is aimed at anyone who is interested in the subject of e-cigarettes for the first time. Be it because you want to quit smoking or just to have fun with the e-cigarette. At first most of us are overwhelmed with the mass of new information we are facing. The really important information usually has to be laboriously searched for and filtered.

Therefore, in our Eliquids.ie guide, we have tried to compile the most important beginner questions on the subject of e-cigarettes. If we should have forgotten an important point, please contact us or post it in the comment area.

What is vaping?

The use of electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) is called vaping, e-vaping or vaping. As the name suggests, vaping is an alternative to tobacco cigarettes. The largest target group for e-cigarettes are smokers or ex-smokers who want to say goodbye to tobacco and who, according to current knowledge, have found a far safer method in vaping. Nicotine can also be consumed when vaping, but e-steam contains significantly fewer harmful substances than tobacco smoke.

How do e-cigarettes work?

There is no combustion with e-cigarettes. The inhalant is created by the evaporation of liquids, so-called liquids (also e-liquid or e-juice). The basic functionality is very simple. The evaporation is caused by heat. Electric power is used to generate this heat.

An e-cigarette consists of three main components:

A battery or a rechargeable battery supplies the required power to the evaporator unit. Inside the vaporizer there is a coil of wire through which the current flows. The coil is usually called a heating wire, heating coil or coil. As with a stove top, the coil is heated by the flow of current. In the core of the coil there is a wick material (usually cotton wool or silicate) which is soaked in the e-liquid. The liquid evaporates due to the resulting heat. This vapor is inhaled through the mouthpiece. There are different types of e-cigarettes. You have the choice between smaller baking steam devices or powerful sub-ohm e-cigarettes for direct lung vaping. So-called cig-a-likes are the most compact e-cigarettes and are both visually and functionally reminiscent of a conventional tobacco cigarette.

What do i need to start vaping?

Anyone who wants to start vaping is initially confronted with a huge range of products. Without knowing what is really needed, it can quickly become overwhelming.

The basic equipment for new steamers is very manageable. All that is absolutely necessary is an e-cigarette, consisting of a battery carrier, vaporizer unit and liquid.

Almost all manufacturers now offer so-called starter sets. Starter sets contain the complete hardware that is needed to get going.

Alternatively, entry-level sets are also aimed at beginners, as they are also fully equipped and also particularly user-friendly. Most of the time, a charger for the battery is already included and, if necessary, various atomizer heads. Starter and entry-level sets are priced between approx. EUR 30 and EUR 80.

The selection of different liquids is now almost unmanageable. Here you should just listen to your taste. In the beginning it is advisable to have a small selection of different liquids ready. So you can quickly find out which flavors suit you.

Realistic expectations are very important, especially if the e-cigarette is intended as a means of smoking cessation. Overall, e-vaping has a lot to do with trying out and experimenting. First of all, you should think a few things about what is important to you personally in terms of vapor development, design and price, and choose an appropriate e-cigarette on this basis. If you would like personal advice, please feel free to contact our friendly and competent customer service at any time. This is available via chat, e-mail and by phone.

What types of e-cigarettes are there? How do they differ?

A lot has happened since the first e-cigarette was launched in China in 2004. And even if the basic principle has remained the same, the products, and above all the variety and the performance, have improved by worlds.

While there was only one type of e-cigarette in the beginning, today we differentiate between regulated and unregulated e-cigarettes, depot and tank systems, and disposable and reusable products. We explain what this means in detail in the following section.

Unregulated battery mod

The first e-cigarettes were exclusively unregulated. Unregulated means that the output voltage of the battery is applied directly to the heating wire and thus specifies the output. If the performance of the battery decreases, the development of steam also decreases. The only way to vary the output of an unregulated e-cigarette is to use coils with different resistances.

Unregulated vaping still has its fan base, but in general it is hardly of any importance.

Regulated battery mod

Most current mods have control units so that the power can be regulated at the push of a button. Users no longer have to worry about electrical resistance, wire size and winding.

In the beginning, regulated battery mods had the disadvantage compared to unregulated ones that the performance was significantly lower. Less power means less steam. Today, however, modern e-cigarettes also achieve a regulated output of over 200 W and have thus also eliminated this problem.

With electrical circuits, the safety of e-cigarettes has also been significantly improved. Today's models have protective measures that protect the battery from overheating or deep discharge, for example.

Variable volts and variable watts

In the case of battery mods with VV and VW, you can directly influence the electrical power without having to deal with Ohm's law. E-vaping has a lot to do with electrical engineering. The relevant parameters voltage, resistance, current strength and power are each dependent on one another. The arithmetic is done by the e-cigarette. All that has to be done is set the desired watt or volt number at the push of a button and start steaming. The output voltage is converted by the e-cigarette into the desired voltage with which the vaporizer works. The higher the output, the higher and faster the wire coil is heated.

The selected settings and also the charge level of the battery can usually be read on a display. Whether the variable watt (VW) or the variable volt mode (VV) is used is irrelevant for the result. It's all about producing the right amount of steam and aroma.

Temperature controlled e-cigarettes

The latest technical achievement on the e-cigarette market are battery mods with temperature control (TC). The possibility of specifying a temperature for the e-cigarette that the heating coil should not exceed makes the search for the sweet spot even easier and more understandable. In the vaping scene, the sweet spot denotes the best possible vaping experience (taste, temperature, volume). In addition, fluffy dry hits are reliably avoided with temperature-controlled steaming.

Temperature-controlled steaming works for the user in the same way as steaming in VV or VW mode. The only thing that needs to be considered is that not all atomizer heads can be used. The temperature is measured via the specific electrical resistance of the coil. For this, the wire must be made of certain materials (zinc or certain types of stainless steel). Thanks to the latest TCR technology, however, other types of wire can now also be used as coils for temperature-controlled steaming. Temperature-controlled battery mods are currently the easiest way to achieve optimal vaping results.

What must be considered when vaping in terms of safety?

In the last few years there have been repeated reports in the media that have described the risks of e-cigarettes in very clear and sometimes exaggerated terms. The dangers ranged from formaldehyde to exploding batteries. Although these reports are not made out of thin air, they could ultimately always be traced back to incorrect and negligent use.

E-cigarettes pose no greater risk than any other item that surrounds us on a daily basis and, if used properly, will not make your life difficult. Nevertheless, please always observe the following safety instructions:

Purchase only from reputable dealers!

The electronic cigarette market has grown rapidly in recent years. Unfortunately, this always attracts uninvited guests who want to earn quick money with counterfeit products (cloning) and inferior goods. These black sheep do a large part of the damage to the reputation of the industry and in doing so also accept health risks for the consumer. Therefore, when shopping, please pay close attention to who you are doing business with, regardless of whether it is liquid or hardware.

E-cigarettes are always delivered with a certificate of authenticity. This also means that the devices have passed appropriate security checks and can be used without risk.

With the liquid, you should pay attention to whether and how the ingredients are specified. Serious manufacturers and dealers place great value on transparency and, of course, the health of their customers.

So you are on the safe side

Current e-cigarettes have internal protective measures, so that short circuits or deep discharge of the battery are actually no longer an issue. Of course, as with all other valuables, you should ensure that your e-cigarette is used properly. This prevents risks and extends the life of the e-cigarette.

Many mods do not have built-in batteries. If you also need an additional battery for your new e-cigarette, please make sure that it is suitable for use in e-cigarettes. The wrong battery will usually not explode the e-cigarette directly, but the electronics can be destroyed. If you are not sure about which battery to choose, please contact our competent and friendly customer service at any time.

What is liquid?

The liquids that are vaporized in e-cigarettes are called liquids, sometimes also called e-liquid or e-juice. These are available in all imaginable flavors. The best known is probably the tobacco flavor. From menthol to cherry to vanilla pudding with caramelized hazelnuts, there is something for every taste.

The basis for e-liquids are propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerine (VG), flavorings and possibly nicotine. All of these ingredients are harmless to health and have long been used in food and medicine. Propylene glycol and glycerine are contained in different liquids in different proportions. There are also pure PG or VG liquids.

Propylene glycol is a colorless and almost odorless liquid, which z. B. is used in toothpaste or chewing gum. On the one hand, PG ensures an intense taste and makes the liquid thinner. In very rare cases, however, there have been more harmless allergic reactions to PG. In such cases, it is recommended to switch to a pure VG liquid, of which we also have a wide selection on offer.

Vegetable glycerine (VG stands for Vegetable Glycerine) is thicker than propylene glycol. With pure VG liquids, this can lead to replenishment problems in the evaporator. VG has a slightly sweet taste and is used, among other things, for baking. When it comes to e-liquids, VG creates very dense clouds of vapor.

The particular taste of the liquids depends on the aromas used. Most of them are natural flavors that are also contained in foods. Serious manufacturers attach great importance to transparency in their products. In keeping with the spirit of the times, manufacturers pay attention to sustainable and ecological production of their ingredients.

Ultimately, everyone has to answer this question for themselves. Personal preferences are decisive. In addition to the actual aroma and taste, different liquids also differ in terms of vapor development, flash and throat hit.

Some people attach great importance to producing the largest possible clouds of steam and there are even competitions to see who can blow out the largest clouds. Others want to taste the steam but don't necessarily want to see it, out of their own interest or out of consideration for the environment. Vaping with no visible vapor is known as “stealth vaping”.

Cigarette smokers are already familiar with Flash and Throat Hit and therefore usually attach great importance to them when vaping.

Especially smokers who switch to the e-cigarette often attach great importance to as much flash and throat hit as possible.

Which nicotine level should I choose?

All types of liquids are also available completely without nicotine. This level is also what smokers should aim for in the long term. The e-cigarette as an aid to smoking cessation plays a very important role. This makes it important to take a suitable dose of nicotine with you, especially at the beginning.

The common nicotine strengths for e-liquids are 6 mg, 12 mg and 18 mg per milliliter.

For special liquids, we even offer liquids with 3 mg, because this nicotine strength is often more than sufficient, especially in the sub-ohm range. When choosing the nicotine strength, it should be borne in mind that the nicotine content also changes the taste. The more nicotine, the stronger the flash and throat hit.

How do I handle my e-cigarette properly?

Handling the e-cigarette is not very laborious. However, there are a few things to consider in order to get the best result and enjoy your vaping for a long time.

Please make sure that the battery, if not fully charged, is at least charged enough to get you through the day safely. Nothing is more annoying than running out of juice. This applies to the battery as well as to the tank. It is advisable to hang the battery mod in the socket overnight. Depending on the model and steam behavior, one charge lasts for several hours to several days.

How do I clean my e-cigarette?

The e-cigarette should be cleaned at regular intervals. This is advisable every few days or at least once a month, depending on usage. All you need to clean it is a handkerchief and, if necessary, some warm water. Before a new liquid comes into the tank, it should be cleaned and ideally the coil should also be changed to remove residues of the old liquid. For very dominant flavors, e.g. B. menthol, an extra tank is recommended. If a stubborn taste has settled in the tank, the Flavor Eraser can help.

You can find detailed instructions for cleaning here.

Why is the evaporator head a wearing part?

The only thing that needs to be replaced regularly on an e-cigarette are the atomizer heads. Cotton wool, which is mostly used as wick material, is not the most durable material. When buying a complete set or a vaporizer, there is usually at least one replacement vaporizer included. After that, it is advisable to always have a small supply ready.

How long an atomizer head lasts depends on the model, the performance of your e-cigarette, the liquid and, last but not least, the vapor behavior. As a rule, a new atomizer head has a lifespan of one week to one month. When an atomizer head is at the end, you will notice that the steam production decreases, strange noises (bubbling, popping) occur when vaping and the taste changes. If you take a closer look you will see that the cotton wool has turned brown.

Please make sure that the wick material is always sufficiently saturated with liquid when vaping. If the evaporator head is heated dry, it can char within a very short time. The dry firing of the vaporizer is called dry hit under vapors. Should you ever get a dry hit, you will immediately notice this from the burnt taste. This can happen from time to time and is not particularly dramatic. However, for the sake of your health and taste buds, try to avoid dry hits whenever possible.

Hopefully with this we have been able to answer the most important initial questions. Nothing should stand in the way of your damper career now. You will also find a lot of other useful information here in our guide. If something is still unclear, please contact us directly at any time. You can reach us by phone, live chat and email.

Now we wish you a lot of fun and joy discovering the exciting vaping culture.

Your eliquids.ie team

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