Vaping in Hot and Cold: The Effects of Weather Extremes on E-Cigarettes 0

Vaping in Hot and Cold: The Effects of Weather Extremes on E-Cigarettes

Summer, sun and summer temperatures – certainly something that everyone enjoys. Sit in the beer garden or somewhere on the beach, have a drink, feel the sun and switch off. However, the high temperatures are not optimal for e-cigarettes. And then there is exactly the opposite: the cold. People can protect themselves against the cold with warm clothing. But how are e-cigarettes protected from cold temperatures? And what are the alternatives to giving up e-cigarettes? One thing is clear: as electronic devices, e-cigarettes are not compatible with warm or winter temperatures. The reason is that the battery suffers greatly from the temperature extremes and the same applies to the liquids.

Vaping in summer: batteries & rechargeable batteries

In summer it is particularly important to pay attention to proper care of the e-cigarette and its batteries. Batteries do not like heat, so it is advisable not to expose them to excessive heat to maximize their lifespan. Although the batteries in the devices are protected from overheating, specialist retailers like this vape shop still recommend not leaving the e-cigarette or vape in the blazing midday sun or in a hot car. Ideally, these devices should be charged in a cool room to ensure their full functionality. If the vape is accidentally exposed to high temperatures, the battery must cool down before vaping in order to protect the device.

Vaping in summer: general tips

To ensure that the e-cigarette always works and can be used safely in the summer, it is important to follow these simple tips:

Cooling for your e-cigarette / vape: If you are going to the beach or out into the countryside, the e-cigarette should be placed in the shade to prevent overheating, especially when you are not vaping.

Proper storage of liquids: The liquids should be stored at room temperature so that the aromas can develop optimally. It is important to avoid direct sunlight and on particularly hot days the liquid should perhaps be stored in the refrigerator or in another dark place.

Be careful with sweat and sand: It is important to ensure that sweat and sand contaminate the e-cigarette or vape. Before steaming, the sand should be carefully shaken off to avoid later problems.

Precaution for trips: The device should be charged at home in good time before the trip. For spontaneous trips, a replacement battery from an e-cigarette shop can be useful so that you are always ready to go.

E-cigarette & temperatures: vaping at how many degrees? Can the liquid freeze?

When it comes to vaping in winter, some questions arise, particularly regarding the temperature and risk of e-cigarette liquid freezing.

Freezing point of e-cigarette liquids

While it may be theoretically possible for e-cigarette liquids to freeze in the winter since they are liquids, the reality is different. The main ingredients of liquids, namely propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, have freezing points of -12 degrees and -60 degrees Celsius. This means that extremely low temperatures in the double-digit minus range are required for the liquid to actually freeze. Although the liquid does not immediately turn into ice when it is cold, it can become slightly more viscous, which can affect the consistency and aroma.

Protects the battery carrier from the cold

A crucial factor in winter is the cold for the e-cigarette battery. In contrast to conventional cigarettes, e-cigarettes are more complex and low temperatures can significantly affect performance. Chemical reactions in the battery slow down and performance decreases. It is therefore important not to expose the e-cigarette to low temperatures for a long time. The cold can also affect battery life, and charging cold batteries can reduce capacity.

General tips for any weather

Regular cleaning: Regardless of the weather conditions, regular cleaning of the e-cigarette is important. It should be ensured that all components are clean and free of residues to ensure optimal performance.

Have spare parts on hand: In extreme weather conditions, it can be helpful to have spare parts such as coils or batteries on hand. This means you are prepared for unforeseen situations and the vape is ready for use at any time.

By following this advice, you can ensure that the e-cigarette is functional in all weather conditions. No matter whether the sun is shining or the frost is coming – with the right care, the e-cigarette will always be ready for use.

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