How to change your e-liquid 0

How to change your e-liquid

When it comes to a new e-liquid flavor, it is important to remember not to simply fill it into the device if it previously contained a different liquid. The taste of the new liquid could be distorted. Additionally, mixing two different types of e-liquid could result in an imbalance in viscosity, causing the coils to burn faster.

Here we will explain which steps you should follow to ensure that you always get the full taste of the new e-liquid and avoid unnecessary problems when changing. This guide applies to standard MTL tanks, sub-ohm tanks and pod devices.

Clean tank or Pod

It is important to clean the tank when changing the e-liquid. E-liquid can be quite thick depending on the VG/PG ratio (a higher VG percentage results in a thicker liquid), so it is better to clean the tanks to remove any residue from the tank before a new flavor is filled.

Note: If you use a pod with a built-in coil, you should simply replace the pod completely instead of cleaning it, as the built-in coils should not come into contact with water.

Easy cleaning

  • Removes the tank/pod from the device
  • Discard the remaining e-liquid from the tank/pod
  • Disassemble the tank and dispose of the coil
  • Place all components of the tank/pod in a bowl and rinse the tank/pod until the water is clean (if the tank is extremely dirty, a few drops of detergent will also help. However, you should make sure that there are no more detergent residues). in the tank before it is used for vaping again)
  • Dry with a paper towel and allow to air dry for 10-15 minutes
  • Reassemble the freshly cleaned tank/pod

Changing and preparing the coil

“Wet” the coil should always be the first thing you do when inserting a new coil. If the coil is not moistened with approx. 3-5 drops of e-liquid before inserting it into the evaporator, it will not be saturated with liquid and can therefore burn before the device is used for the first time and cause a "dry hit". cause. We recommend waiting 5-10 minutes after completely filling your tank before starting to vape with the new coil to ensure the coil is fully saturated and ready. You should also follow this process when replacing mesh coils or pods with a fixed coil.

When changing e-liquids, a new coil should always be used, as the previous liquid with which the cotton is soaked should not be washed out. If you use new liquids without changing the coils, the two different liquids will mix, causing taste changes, which in turn can cause the coil to burn out faster. This imbalance can also resolve itself after you have vaped 3-4 full tanks with the new liquid - assuming the coil doesn't burn out beforehand.

Depending on how often the device is used, the coils will need to be changed regularly to ensure the best performance of the device. We recommend changing the coil every 1-2 weeks to maintain the best flavor and performance. In most cases you can tell when the coil needs to be changed. For example, the flavor intensity of the e-liquid may decrease, the draw behavior changes, or less vapor is produced than normal. You should replace the coil at the latest when it tastes burnt or charred. You can get even more tips on this in our relevant blog post on this topic: When to change the coil?

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