LEVIA new from Philip Morris, a zero-tobacco heat stick that can bypass regulations. 0

LEVIA new from Philip Morris, a zero-tobacco heat stick that can bypass regulations.

In the Czech Republic, Philip Morris International (PMI) has unveiled a zero-tobacco cartridge for use with its IQOS device, which does not burn heat, potentially allowing the company to avoid taxes and other regulations affecting its tobacco products in some markets.
IQOS heats small packs of ground tobacco that resemble cigarettes but do not burn. This process, according to the company, poses fewer health risks compared to smoking.

Now PMI has developed a line of sticks it calls LEVIA. They do not contain tobacco, but rather a "non-tobacco substrate" enriched with nicotine and containing tobacco flavors, menthol with berries and mint.

Chief Executive Officer Jacek Olczak said during a presentation at investor day that the product not only provides another alternative for consumers who do not want to use tobacco, but also avoids the high taxes or other controls that apply to the company's other products can.

LEVIA "may not be subject to flavor regulations in some jurisdictions" and "does not fit into existing tax categories," Olczak continued, adding that PMI is in discussions with regulators in some target markets about how they would treat the product.

The company advocates for lower taxes on products the industry describes as "lower risk" compared to traditional cigarettes.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has given PMI approval to market IQOS as a product that offers lower exposure to harmful chemicals compared to smoking, although there is currently no evidence that heated tobacco poses lower health risks than other tobacco products, according to the World Health Organization.

What's in IQOS Levia?

Although the LEVIA and TEREA SMARTCORE STICKS™ cartridges are intended for use with the same IQOS ILUMA device and both use non-combustion heating, they are two different products. The TEREA cartridge contains tobacco, while the LEVIA cartridge does not contain any tobacco.

Where can I buy Levia?

LEVIA cartridges will be sold at the same price as TEREA, i.e. €4.90 per box at launch. Initially, they will only be available in the e-shop and in branded IQOS stores, where you can also get a free sample from today.

Two flavors of LEVIA fillings

The first two LEVIA variants are coming to the market so far:

LEVIA Electro Rouge - a very pronounced fruity taste of blueberries, flowers and menthol, replacing TEREA Mauve Wave.

LEVIA Island Beat - a completely new creamy, menthol, even peppermint taste that has never been seen before with IQOS.

What do LEVIA taste like?

The new tobacco-free refills taste surprisingly good, the vapor intensity and throat kick are basically indistinguishable from TEREA. The blueberry variant is very intense, with a rather pronounced freshness. Island Beat is a surprise, their taste has not yet been with IQOS, they are distinctly minty, very similar to the menthol in the VEEV tube.

For the best LEVIA experience, the manufacturer recommends uploading the latest firmware to your IQOS ILUMA!

Interesting LEVIA box

The new non-tobacco refills have a very interesting box inside. The fillings are closed with aluminum foil - aluminum foil, which makes the box a little harder to open, but again there is no need to tear off the papers. The aluminum foil preserves the flavor of the filling, so that a strong aroma breathes on you after unfolding.


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