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Democracy: How everyone can become a politically effective voice for Vaping

If political regulation is concerned with the regulation of e-cigarettes, there are usually two main questions.

  • Firstly - are e-cigarettes less harmful to health than tobacco cigarettes?
  • Secondly - can e-cigarette smokers help successfully combat their nicotine dependency?

If both questions are clearly answered with 'yes', there is absolutely no reason to regulate e-cigarettes as strictly as tobacco cigarettes - if at all. In the coming years, hundreds of millions of euros will be spent on studies that will finally answer these questions and provide the empirical basis for an intelligent and efficient social treatment of electrical cigarettes.

From a health and scientific point of view, this approach is understandable. For almost every steamboat worldwide, however, it is a farce. Everyone, but absolutely every smoker without a single exception, who has successfully and completely switched to e-cigarettes after years of consumption of one or two boxes a day, has learned on his own that this change improves the quality of life essential (and existentially). Of course, this does not mean that the conversion is successful for every person or that the relapse rate is equal to zero. The fact is, however, that if you become a steamer and before you were a smoker, your vitality and energy and all your medical probabilities are given back to your life.

The changes in health, well-being, libido and condition that are absolutely measurable and writable in every individual case are facts. These are the facts that must be available to the EU and other health care institutions in order to make a balanced and constructive decision on the production and delivery of e-cigarettes. To the greater part of understandably insecure physicians and the power of the tobacco lobbies, these collective reports of experience would have to stand as an unmistakable, non-discriminatory, argumentative wall. Unfortunately, however, they are not yet doing so because the above-mentioned studies are only in their early stages.

But there are ways to be heard. It is not just about advocating our own interest to continue to steam freely, freely and freely, in the future. It is also about the exercise of a bourgeois basic right, namely to communicate in a democratic process one's own will, born out of experience, and thus actively determine the social climate of the system in which one lives. For this, it needs representations - because the individual voice is naturally too quiet to be heard in the white noise of the corridors filled with lobbyists. The interest community E-Vaping It is an association whose purpose is to represent the interests of the VAPERS in EU. Politics is often an ugly, but in any case a potentially abstract business. Numbers are being negotiated, statistics are juggling, and unfortunately, in many cases, a bloated law apparatus which serves the interests of less and has reached the lowest common denominator. But in fact, politics is about people to fate, to experiences, to life values. And the e-cigarette is one of the revolutionary, technological achievements of the last ten years, which can make the life of one billion people a lot more life-worth. We need people who are already to turn their experiences into a politically effective weapon.

How to clean clearomizer ?

How to clean your e-cigarette clearomizer ?

Clearomizerclean E-cigarette. Each VAPER'S knows it, the steam development leaves something to be desired and also the taste is no longer what it was. At the latest, the time has come to clean the clearomizer. The clearomizer is a wearing part and this means that it has to be disposed of or cleaned after a certain time. While buying is the faster and more comfortable type, but in the long run the more expensive business.

Why does the clearomizer have to be cleaned? During use, particles are separated from the liquid by the heating coil or the wick. This affects the performance of the clearomizer after a certain time. The heating power is caused by deposits of liquid residues on the heating wire Tip: To avoid wear of the clearomizer, two things should be considered. On the one hand, it is recommended to use not only one clearomizer permanently, but two or three different ones during the day. On the other hand, the last drop of liquid from the tank should not be evaporated, but before it should be refilled.

When must the clearomizer be cleaned?

First of all, it must be noted that the clearomizer is not to be cleaned on all electrical cigarettes. Models with a one-way depot are not cleaned, but the depot is simply replaced with a new one. If the vapors development and the flavor intensity of the steam is no longer satisfactory, it is time to clean the clearomizer. The exact time differs depending on the clearomizer model and the intensity of use. For some models, this may be the case after two weeks, in others only one or two months.

How is the clearomizer cleaned?

There are several ways to clean an clearomizer. Depending on the model and the wear and tear, one or other method makes more sense.

Clearomizer flushing

The most convenient and easy method of cleaning is to thoroughly blow the clearomizer. To do this, first screw the clearomizer off the battery. Check the thread for soiling and remove it if necessary with a handkerchief. Then remove the tank from the clearomizer. On the outside of the tank and the inside of the clearomizer, condensation water probably formed. First, however, the liquid residues in the clearomizer should be removed. To do this, take the vaporizer with the thread side against the lips and push as hard as you can. Superfluous liquid is removed from the clearomizer. Then clean the inside of the clearomizer and remove the condensation water and the excess liquid. Now the electric cigarette can be reassembled.

Evaporate in alcohol

In addition to the simple evaporation of the clearomizer, the clearomizer can also be bathed in alcohol overnight. Again, the e-cigarette must be disassembled. Clean the contacts and the clearomizer with a handkerchief. Now you can put the clearomizer and the tank overnight in pure alcohol or vodka. Before doing so, thoroughly blow the clearomizer from the thread side. Pure alcohol is available in most pharmacies. Pure alcohol is very expensive, so the alternative is recommended with standard vodka. After the alcohol bath, the clearomizer should be thoroughly drained and rinsed briefly with water. Allow the clearomizer to dry for a few hours. Now you can use the clearomizer again as usual. Optionally, you can perform a dryburn.


Dryburn is used to remove the deposits on the heating coil. For this purpose, however, the heating coil must be released from the clearomizer. In the clearomizer is located on the top of the wick which is attached with the (mandrel) plate in the clearomizer. This disk must be released. This can be solved with an office clip or other tool. To do this, insert the object to be used laterally into the slots of the plate and pry it out. Now you would have to have a clear view of the heating coil. Replace the clearomizer with the battery. When you press the power button, you will see the heating coil light up. Due to the deposits of the liquid, the heating coil no longer glows continuously. In order to free the heating coil from deposits, you have to press the power button for several seconds and then pause for several seconds. Repeat the process until the heating coil again glows continuously. Recommended intervals are three to five times a minute. Rinse the clearomizer with some water and allow to dry sufficiently. Replace the mandrel plate on the clearomizer.

Note: The Dryburn should only be used if the clearomizer is in any case ready for disposal. The Dryburn can completely destroy the clearomizer.

When cleaning your Clearomizer, it's important to get rid of any excess e juice and gunk stuck in and around the tank. Film who presented below applies Clearomizer CE5.

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