How to clean clearomizer ?

How to clean your clearomizer ?

When the vapor development leaves much to be desired and the taste is no longer what it used to be, every vaper knows that it is time to clean the clearomizer. The clearomizer is a consumable part, which means that it must be replaced or cleaned after some time. Buying is a faster and more convenient, but in the long run more expensive business.

Why does the clearomizer need to be cleaned?

During use, particles are separated from the liquid by a heating coil or wick. This affects the operation of the clearomizer after some time. The heating power results from the deposition of liquid residues on the heating wire.

Tip: To avoid wearing out your clearomizer, there are two things to consider. It is recommended to use not only one clearomizer, but two or three different ones during the day. You need to remember the fundamental rule that we do not vape until the last drop of liquid!

When should you clean your clearomizer?

If the vapor development and the intensity of the vapor flavor are no longer satisfactory, clean the clearomizer. The exact time varies depending on the clearomizer model and intensity of use. For some models this may happen after two weeks, for others only after a month or two.

How to clean a clearomizer?

The clearomizer can be cleaned in several ways. Depending on model and consumption. A simple solution for quick cleaning that at least frees the coil heads from any residual liquid is to blow them out.

In the long run, this type of superficial cleaning will not be enough. To clean the clearomizer properly and hygienically, you need water and a cotton pad. If you rinse the clearomizer with clean water, you will extend its life. Using a cotton pad, you can remove even heavy dirt from hard-to-reach corners. However, please remember that after such a service, the clearomizer must dry thoroughly and it cannot be filled with e-liquid immediately.

Clearomizer flushing

The most convenient and easy method of cleaning is to thoroughly blow the clearomizer. To do this, first screw the clearomizer off the battery. Check the thread for soiling and remove it if necessary with a handkerchief. Then remove the tank from the clearomizer. On the outside of the tank and the inside of the clearomizer, condensation water probably formed. First, however, the liquid residues in the clearomizer should be removed. To do this, take the vaporizer with the thread side against the lips and push as hard as you can. Superfluous liquid is removed from the clearomizer. Then clean the inside of the clearomizer and remove the condensation water and the excess liquid. Now the electric cigarette can be reassembled.

Bathing in alcohol

The clearomizer can also be cleaned with alcohol. To do this, clean the contacts and the clearomizer with a tissue and then place the clearomizer and the tank in pure alcohol or vodka overnight. Before doing this, thoroughly blow through the clearomizer from the thread side. Pure alcohol is available in most pharmacies. After the alcohol bath, the clearomizer should be thoroughly rinsed with water and left to dry for several hours.


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