How can you recognize good liquid? 0
How can you recognize good liquid?

E-cigarette - How can you recognize good e-liquid?

Premium Liquids - buy or mix yourself?

Premium Liquids - these are liquids with a particularly intense and distinctive taste. The ones with the particularly qualitative bases and accentuated nicotine strengths.
They are a paradise for all vapers who prefer exclusivity for liquids too. But what exactly is such a premium liquid?

What makes it "Premium" and how do you recognize them?

And: Should you also buy them or is mixing your own e-cigarettes a real alternative? At the end of the article we also have various ingredients ready for you that you can mix to create your individual premium liquid.

If you are looking for a premium liquid online or in the store, there is a wide range to choose from. There are now at least as many premium liquids as standard liquids. And in fact, almost all manufacturers offer such premium varieties. So are premium liquids really still something special or are they back in the vape mainstream?

That cannot be answered so concretely - and there are no laws that determine the liquid market and decide on "premium" or "non-premium". So the ball is with the manufacturers. However, premium liquids are not purely a sales tactic either.
The nicotine strengths and flavors:

Basically, the essential features of a premium liquid are limited to the nicotine content and the flavors. There are sometimes significant differences in taste compared to normal and inexpensive liquids, which can actually be used to identify premium liquids as such.

In terms of nicotine strength, the liquid should be flexible and meet the various wishes of the vaper. This means that the liquid should be nicotine-free and also available in several finely dosed nicotine strengths.

In such a way that on the one hand vapers with a preference for a lot of nicotine can enjoy it and on the other hand those who appreciate only a light taste of nicotine. The latter are often at a disadvantage with the normal nicotine-containing liquids, as some of them taste too strong and have to be diluted. With premium liquids, you can start vaping immediately.

As far as flavors are concerned, premium liquids are usually characterized by very fine dosages. If it is difficult even for experienced vapers to mix the liquid one-to-one, then it can call itself "Premium". Then it is actually noble and something special.

The outer

If a product is to be “premium” and thus justify its price, it should be attractive both internally and externally.

However, factors such as the packaging and the bottles of the liquids are no longer a direct comparison feature, as were the flavors and nicotine strengths. Manufacturers can also give their inexpensive products finer packaging and a glass bottle, but that doesn't give these products premium status.

It is clear that premium liquids are sold in quite beautiful and elaborately printed packaging and in decent glass bottles instead of plastic. But this is only for the buyer's first attention.

The liquids are characterized by more.

The price

It is also clear that a premium liquid is more expensive than normal liquids. On the other hand, just because a liquid might cost $20 doesn't mean it's "premium". This also has a lot to do with the manufacturers' complex pricing policies.

Conclusion: Key features of a premium liquid

One can speak of a premium liquid if:

  • On the one hand it is nicotine-free and on the other hand it is available in several nicotine strengths.
  • It contains finely dosed flavors that "can't even be remixed".

The external and price factors are not a concrete indication that a liquid is "premium", but they support the detailed distinction.
Are there icons (quality marks) for premium liquids

It would be easy for Premium Liquids to be officially labeled as such. With icons or quality marks, such as with organic products. As a consumer, you no longer have to worry about whether the premium liquid you want to buy is really "premium" or not.

However, Ireland does not make it that easy for consumers. Since there are no laws that prescribe a quality or quantity standard for premium liquids, there are no quality marks or icons. Furthermore, signs that you will still find on the bottles are not from an official body, but rather an advertising tool.

Whether a liquid reaches the premium level is more of a subjective assessment. If you have the impression that you are holding a decent liquid with quality ingredients in your hand, you can certainly call it "premium". Many vapers think that liquids are only "premium" if you mix them yourself and have full control over the ingredients. A point at which the spirits are quite divided.

Premium liquids in the test: these are the best premium liquids

Everyone can experience the taste of a liquid differently. For example, some find Eirhorse's highly rated Black Curant Menthol very aromatic. Still others can hardly be deterred from the Vampire Vape Liquids. And for this reason, it is difficult to filter out and present something like "the best premium liquids".

Ultimately, we can only recommend that you try a wide variety of liquids that correspond to premium quality in terms of their ingredients and tastes, their appearance and their price. Until you find your personal premium liquid.

A look at the top sellers from our shop, which come up with very high sales figures and excellent ratings, offers a clue. Such high sales figures indicate a high level of popularity, which means that you should definitely try these liquids.

Can you mix premium liquids yourself?

Once again it should be pointed out that there are no official references to premium liquids. Accordingly, the same applies to self-mixed premium liquids as to normal purchased liquids. Only with the difference and advantage that you can decide for yourself which high-quality ingredients you mix in.

Below you will also find a few recipe ingredients.

To mix a liquid, you need a base, an aroma and possibly nicotine shots or nicotine salts for the taste of a cigarette. With the base there is still a choice between different mixtures.

Usually bases have a 50/50 mix ratio of PG and VG. Some bases have a 70/30 ratio or contain even more PG (propylene glycol). A higher percentage of PG produces more vapor. Nicotine shots and salts typically have a highly concentrated nicotine strength of 20 mg nicotine per millilitre. However, you can specifically influence the dosage when mixing. The more nicotine, the stronger it tastes like it and the more you feel the "flash".

For all product parts, you can opt for premium products, which you can identify, just like the basic liquids, primarily based on the top sellers or the exact product names. That's exactly what we're getting at.

Below you will find the bases, flavors and nicotine shots and nicotine salts that our customers buy the most and rate the best. Accordingly, these are recipe tips from vapers for vapers. For more detailed instructions on mixing e-liquids, see our guide including e-liquid calculator.

The basic equipment of self-mixers usually includes a bottle for mixing, a syringe with a cannula for clean filling and a measuring cup for precise dosing of the amount of base. A pad and gloves are also recommended.

The individual ingredients are put together in a mixing bottle or the aroma bottle and mixed well by shaking.

The individual premium liquid is then allowed to mature, during which the mixture is best shaken occasionally.

DIY: Ingredients for a Premium Liquid recipe


The base is the most important part of a liquid that makes it vapeable. It contains no flavors and no nicotine, but contains the same or different proportions of propylene glycol (PG) and glycerin (VG). Every now and then a portion of water is included so that the liquid does not become too thick. Because then it could cause problems with a not so powerful evaporator. And although the base hardly affects the taste of the liquid, there are a few points to consider when making your selection. You can read more about this under the bases.


The aroma makes the taste of the liquid. What flavors do you fancy? Cakes and cookies…? Fruit like apple or melon...? Herbs and menthol...? Tobacco and cigarettes…? With the aromas you will find all the varieties your heart calls for. You just have to make sure that you actually order flavorings for further mixing and not liquids. Furthermore, the flavors are highly concentrated, so you should mix with feeling. Try it with a small amount first. You can find more about this directly under the flavors.

Nicotine shots

Nicotine shots are the first way to get nicotine in your e-liquid. Shots from the manufacturers Eirhorse and Halo are recommended here, as they are receiving more and more positive reviews and are known for their high quality. For a premium liquid they are quite possibly the best products. When mixing, note the exact mixing ratio and never pour in the entire bottle. The nicotine taste is much stronger when vaping than when smoking. You can find more about this under the nicotine shots themselves.

Nicotine salts

Nicotine salts are the perfect alternative to nicotine shots if you find the scratching of normal nicotine in your throat annoying when vaping - but still want to experience the maximum "flash". See our Nicotine Salts category for more information.

Keep in mind that to mix your premium liquid you will also need a few accessories. These include, for example, a syringe, bottles and disposable gloves to protect the skin. Feel your way around and have fun with your new DIY liquid.

And if you take a closer look, you will find a few points in which premium liquids stand out from the others.

  • What is liquid actually made of?
  • What should you look out for when buying liquids?
  • What do you have to consider with the mixing ratio PG / VG?


The annual turnover with e-cigarettes in Ireland is around 50 million euros. Of these, ex-smokers looking to quit their habit make up the largest group of users, closely followed by young people. But how can they really recognize a good liquid? We would like to tell you more about this in the following article.

What is liquid actually made of?

  In order to be able to judge whether a liquid is a good liquid, you should first look at the ingredients of the available liquids. This also makes it much easier to order a liquid for e-cigarettes online, as you can draw conclusions about the quality of the liquid based on the ingredients alone. For this reason we have compiled the individual components for you.

Propylene Glycol (PG)

The propylene glycol contained in a liquid is a substance also known as E1520, found in toothpaste and chewing gum, among other things. The substance serves as a carrier of the aroma. The more propylene glycol a liquid contains, the more intense its taste. In addition, the substance ensures that the liquid becomes thinner.

Vegetable Glycerin (VG)

For ex-cigarette smokers, nothing beats clouds of dense vapor. Because the nicotine gets into the body through the vapor and the more vapor that is produced, the faster you reach your nicotine level. Vegetable glycerine is therefore responsible for smoke development and is significantly more viscous than propylene glycol. Vegetable glycerin can often be found in cosmetic products, for example in many creams.

Flavor & nicotine on request

In contrast to smokers, vapers have a much larger choice when it comes to flavors. The classic tobacco flavor is particularly popular with those switching cigarettes, as are the available menthol flavors, which make the transition easier for former smokers.

In addition, there are many other flavors, including different types of fruit, sweets or liquids, the taste of which is reminiscent of popular drinks such as coffee or cola.

As far as the nicotine content of the available liquids is concerned, it is best to start with the highest dosage and reduce the nicotine content over time.


To ensure that a liquid is neither too viscous nor too thin, water is added to the available liquids. If the water content is too high, the liquid will evaporate too quickly. In addition, the water content helps to ensure that the mouth does not dry out during vaping, which irritates the mucous membranes.

What to look out for when buying liquids

A liquid consists of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, water and in some cases nicotine. When buying a liquid, you should therefore pay attention to where the respective ingredients come from, which in many cases can be found out easily on the manufacturer's website.

Some manufacturers and retailers even publish laboratory analyzes or disclose the entire manufacturing process.

The following points can also help you figure out if you should buy a particular e-liquid:

Does a retailer sell branded liquids or self-produced liquids and does it publish the ingredients used?

  • Is the origin of the liquid clear?
  • Is there information about the ingredients of a liquid?
  • Are artificial or natural flavors used to produce the liquids?
  • Contain substances that can cause an allergy.

What do you have to consider with the mixing ratio PG / VG?

The mixing ratio of PG and VG is usually stated on the bottle or outer packaging. It is important that the substances used comply with the USP standard, which means that they are used in the purest form. And you should also make sure that the flavors of a liquid are approved according to EC No. 1334/2008, as they may only be used.

Expired liquids? How do you recognize them?

Experience reports about liquids that have gone bad are rarely read and found. In most cases, a liquid has simply expired when it has lost the taste of the aroma, so that vaping is simply no longer fun - but vaping expired liquid is rarely a problem from a purely health point of view.

Fortunately, it can usually be seen with the naked eye whether liquids or bases are actually no longer suitable for vaping. Basically, a good liquid should always be very clear. If it is milky, cloudy, cloudy, or streaky, then it should be discarded as a precaution, unless these signs are aroma-related and the seller has pointed them out to you.

There is one exception to this rule: If aromas are mainly stored in the refrigerator, depending on the product properties, crystallization and turbidity may occur. In this case, the bottle should simply be placed in the approx. 35° warm (not hotter!) water bath and shake after a while. If it is clear again, it was not a contamination - and you can vape without hesitation.

Nicotine can also oxidize. When opening liquid bottles or base bottles, oxygen can penetrate, with which the nicotine reacts and turns slightly brown. However, this alone is no cause for concern and does not reduce its quality or effect.

What should I consider when mixing my own?

In the case of self-mixed liquids, the probability of contamination and thus a limited shelf life essentially depends on the hygienic care that is taken. Therefore, you should thoroughly clean vessels, syringes and containers.

ATTENTION: The following tips are NOT pure safety instructions, but hygiene measures. To get an impression of the necessary protective measures, you should take a look at the safety data sheet.

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