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Hangsen(ATOM) Vape Juice All Flavors

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Hangsen (ATOM)Vape Juice All Flavors

The liquid manufacturer Hangsen is now also based in Europe with its own plant. This should significantly reduce delivery times for future orders.

Hangsen is starting with 35 registered liquid varieties. Of these, 29 varieties have the familiar and well-known composition of 70 PG / 30 VG. The menthol and RY4 varieties are also available as 50/50 mixtures. The 70/30 and 50/50 liquids are offered in the nicotine strengths 0mg, 6mg, 12mg and 18mg.

Of the new High VG Liquids 70 VG and 30 PG, there are 4 types with either 0mg, 3mg and 6mg nicotine.

Since 2009 Hangsen has been a pioneer in the global vaping industry with customers in over 85 countries and 3 production centers in Europe, North America and Asia.

With state-of-the-art production facilities and laboratories, quality liquids that meet all standards have been continuously produced for years.

Cigar - Tobacco flavor, reminiscent of sweet Indonesian-style cigarillos, somewhat similar to the Javanese Meharis family.

Desert Ship - tobacco flavor, sweet, modeled on classic Camels with the presence of the so-called Turkish tobacco.

RY4 - tobacco flavor, intense, slightly scratchy in the throat, specially composed for Ruyan for e-cigarettes and intended for seekers of an "analog equivalent" among liquids.

Tobacco - Tobacco flavor, quite intense, reminiscent of American drugstore style cigarettes. Simple, quite strong, natural, based on cheap burles.

USA MIX - tobacco flavor, very intense, without aromatization, sweetish. Reminiscent of the male Marlboro from the time of the famous Western advertising. Tobacco at the heart of America.

Virginia - tobacco flavor, classic, sweetish with sour, fruity accents, reminiscent of reliable old-style pipe mixes and Golden Virginia roll tobaccos

Apple - apple flavor in the type of Chilean "green apples".

Banana - with the taste of not fully ripe, sour bananas.

Blueberry - flavored with slightly dry California blueberries.

Black Tea - Ceylon style black tea flavor.

Bubble gum - fruity (candy) bubble gum flavor with a delicate hint of white mint (spearmint).

Caramel - with a caramel flavor, slightly reminiscent of fudge candies.

Cherry - flavored with black, sweet cherry with a slightly stone touch.

Chocolate - dark chocolate flavor.

Coconut - with coconut flavor, more specifically Bounty bars.

Cofee - with the taste of strong, black coffee brewed in a Turkish-style crucible.

Energy Cow - with the flavor of well-known energy drinks.

Espresso - with a very intense coffee flavor from the machine.

Fruit Mix - flavored with tutti-frutti candies, e.g. mentos of this type.

Grape - flavored with the favorite grape drinks from the carton.

Green Mint - with a mint-menthol flavor with a slightly herbal touch.

Green Tea - flavored with tart green tea.

Juicy Peach - Flavored with pressed peach juice / nectar.

Lemon - with a greenish lemon flavor

Mango - flavored with mango nectar with no added sugar.

Pepper Mint - with a slightly herbal peppermint flavor.

Spearmint - with a delicate, white mint flavor.

Strawberry - with strawberry flavor.

Toffee - toffee candy flavor.

Vanilla - flavored with bourbon vanilla or vanilla from Madagascar and the islands of the Indian Ocean.

Watermelon - Watermelon flavor taken from the fridge.

The new Hangsen High VG Liquids:

  • Apple Strudel Cake
  • Banana Chocolate Milkshake
  • Fruity Feast
  • Ginger Secret

The High VG from Hangsen are designed for sub-ohm vaping with high wattage and for direct pulmonary pull. Lots of steam and lots of aroma is the order of the day!

Some of the classic liquid varieties have remained in the portfolio. New in our range are now:

  • Grape
  • Coffee
  • Blackcurrant
  • Ice Mint
  • Menthol as a 50/50 mixture
  • Mint strawberry
  • Menthol sensation

Unfortunately, only a few were registered for tobacco liquids. The following varieties are now available for selection:

  • RY4
  • USA Red
  • Tobacco
  • USA mix
  • Desert Ship
  • Virginia

Hangsen Liquid Test - Two flavors that simply belong together

Today we have a small repertoire of liquids from Hangsen on the test table. These are two liquids that one would prefer to steam at the same time, since for many the coffee aroma as a component of the tiramisu liquid and a mature tobacco aroma simply belong together.

You don't want to stop vaping at all! The Tiramisu Liquid from Hangsen is simply delicious. For this reason, we evaporated everything in the Hangsen Liquid Test within a short time. The senses can enjoy different, distinctive facets in one go. The different aroma notes sweet, creamy and mild coffee go hand in hand in a balanced relationship. There are no tips to detract from the other flavors, which makes it just a round treat. We recommend.

Very pleasant! Tobacco is only recommended for friends of tobacco aromas. The term golden fits very well, because you really get the feeling that the liquid originated in a tobacco field that blossomed in the golden sun of Arizona. The clear, but not too strong tobacco taste is very suitable for those vapers who are currently switching from the cigarette to the e-cigarette and for everyone who simply likes to vape a rounded tobacco aroma. Available with or without nicotine. We vaped with nicotine in the Hangsen Liquid Test. As is well known, nicotine is a flavor carrier.

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