Frequently Asked Questions about E-Liquid

Frequently Asked Questions about E-Liquid

Through the media often unconsciously reach us again and again questions from customers to e-Liquid. The most important questions are briefly answered here.

Is the consumption of an e-cigarette harmful to health?

Only "non-smoking" and also "non-vaporising" do not pose any health hazards. But compared to tobacco cigarettes, e-Liquid is by far the better alternative. The e-Juice does not contain, for example, the over 250 toxic substances and the 90 carcinogenic substances, which are contained in a commercial tobacco cigarette. If you are using e-Juice with nicotine, you should be aware that nicotine is a strong nerve pest, which can lead to health damage if consumed prolongedly and frequently. Also, the consumption of nicotine can lead to a dependency.

What are the health effects of e-Juice?

In addition to the health hazards that can occur with a nicotine-containing liquid, there may be occasional irritation in the throat and mouth and / or dry cough. These impairments, however, are by no means chronic and cease if the e-steaming is dispensed with. Allergy sufferers should check whether they are allergic to any of the ingredients before using an e-cigarette.

I have read that the e-Liquids usually contain nicotine. Is that correct?

No. We offer e-Liquids with or without nicotine. You have the choice whether you prefer to consume e-Juice with nicotine in different strengths or without nicotine.

What about the claim that the e-liquid contain nitrosamines?

The fact is that in a study conducted by the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA), tobacco-specific nitrosamines (TSNA) have been found in some liquids. However, the proportion of TSNA was below the quantification limit for all liquids and some even below the detection limit. A milliliter e-Juice (approximately the daily consumption of an average steamer) contained about 15,000 times less tobacco-specific nitrosamines than a single commercial tobacco cigarette! To ensure that your chosen e-Juice does not contain any TSNA, you should rely on high-quality liquids that we carry in the assortment and do not purchase e-Liquids from unknown, non-serious sources.

Is the passive Vaping of vapor devices harmful?

Again and again, there is a rumor in the media that a passive vapor of e-Juice could be harmful to health.

The former expert of the WHO Andreas Flouris notes in a study that the vapor of an e-cigarette has no effect on the blood values of third parties. The New Zealand tobacco control researcher Murray Laugesen also notes that the exhaled e-cigarette steam contains almost no nicotine and no combustion products and is therefore not harmful to third parties.

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