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Democracy: How everyone can become a politically effective voice for Vaping

If political regulation is concerned with the regulation of e-cigarettes, there are usually two main questions.

  • Firstly - are e-cigarettes less harmful to health than tobacco cigarettes?
  • Secondly - can e-cigarette smokers help successfully combat their nicotine dependency?

If both questions are clearly answered with 'yes', there is absolutely no reason to regulate e-cigarettes as strictly as tobacco cigarettes - if at all. In the coming years, hundreds of millions of euros will be spent on studies that will finally answer these questions and provide the empirical basis for an intelligent and efficient social treatment of electrical cigarettes.

From a health and scientific point of view, this approach is understandable. For almost every steamboat worldwide, however, it is a farce. Everyone, but absolutely every smoker without a single exception, who has successfully and completely switched to e-cigarettes after years of consumption of one or two boxes a day, has learned on his own that this change improves the quality of life essential (and existentially). Of course, this does not mean that the conversion is successful for every person or that the relapse rate is equal to zero. The fact is, however, that if you become a steamer and before you were a smoker, your vitality and energy and all your medical probabilities are given back to your life.

The changes in health, well-being, libido and condition that are absolutely measurable and writable in every individual case are facts. These are the facts that must be available to the EU and other health care institutions in order to make a balanced and constructive decision on the production and delivery of e-cigarettes. To the greater part of understandably insecure physicians and the power of the tobacco lobbies, these collective reports of experience would have to stand as an unmistakable, non-discriminatory, argumentative wall. Unfortunately, however, they are not yet doing so because the above-mentioned studies are only in their early stages.

But there are ways to be heard. It is not just about advocating our own interest to continue to steam freely, freely and freely, in the future. It is also about the exercise of a bourgeois basic right, namely to communicate in a democratic process one's own will, born out of experience, and thus actively determine the social climate of the system in which one lives. For this, it needs representations - because the individual voice is naturally too quiet to be heard in the white noise of the corridors filled with lobbyists. The interest community E-Vaping It is an association whose purpose is to represent the interests of the VAPERS in EU. Politics is often an ugly, but in any case a potentially abstract business. Numbers are being negotiated, statistics are juggling, and unfortunately, in many cases, a bloated law apparatus which serves the interests of less and has reached the lowest common denominator. But in fact, politics is about people to fate, to experiences, to life values. And the e-cigarette is one of the revolutionary, technological achievements of the last ten years, which can make the life of one billion people a lot more life-worth. We need people who are already to turn their experiences into a politically effective weapon.

Frequently Asked Questions about E-Liquid

Frequently Asked Questions about E-Liquid

Through the media often unconsciously reach us again and again questions from customers to e-Liquid. The most important questions are briefly answered here.

Is the consumption of an e-cigarette harmful to health?

Only "non-smoking" and also "non-vaporising" do not pose any health hazards. But compared to tobacco cigarettes, e-Liquid is by far the better alternative. The e-Juice does not contain, for example, the over 250 toxic substances and the 90 carcinogenic substances, which are contained in a commercial tobacco cigarette. If you are using e-Juice with nicotine, you should be aware that nicotine is a strong nerve pest, which can lead to health damage if consumed prolongedly and frequently. Also, the consumption of nicotine can lead to a dependency.

What are the health effects of e-Juice?

In addition to the health hazards that can occur with a nicotine-containing liquid, there may be occasional irritation in the throat and mouth and / or dry cough. These impairments, however, are by no means chronic and cease if the e-steaming is dispensed with. Allergy sufferers should check whether they are allergic to any of the ingredients before using an e-cigarette.

I have read that the e-Liquids usually contain nicotine. Is that correct?

No. We offer e-Liquids with or without nicotine. You have the choice whether you prefer to consume e-Juice with nicotine in different strengths or without nicotine.

What about the claim that the e-liquid contain nitrosamines?

The fact is that in a study conducted by the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA), tobacco-specific nitrosamines (TSNA) have been found in some liquids. However, the proportion of TSNA was below the quantification limit for all liquids and some even below the detection limit. A milliliter e-Juice (approximately the daily consumption of an average steamer) contained about 15,000 times less tobacco-specific nitrosamines than a single commercial tobacco cigarette! To ensure that your chosen e-Juice does not contain any TSNA, you should rely on high-quality liquids that we carry in the assortment and do not purchase e-Liquids from unknown, non-serious sources.

Is the passive Vaping of e-cigarettes harmful?

Again and again, there is a rumor in the media that a passive vapor of e-Juice could be harmful to health.

The former expert of the WHO Andreas Flouris notes in a study that the vapor of an e-cigarette has no effect on the blood values of third parties. The New Zealand tobacco control researcher Murray Laugesen also notes that the exhaled e-cigarette steam contains almost no nicotine and no combustion products and is therefore not harmful to third parties.

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