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10 Vampire Vape & Tea

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Mix x 10 Vampire Vape & 100g Tea

Exclusive offer. Now You can combine pleasure from vaping with delecting most tasting teas of the world. Within one click you can get both in excelent price. Choose any Vampire Vape flavors from the list below and preferred tea. If you want to mix vape flavors please select "other options" and write required flavors under Customer Comments.

Finall price may change depending of choose Tea type.

Ratio 50VG / 50PG

Bottle Size 10ml

Brand Vampire Vape

Black Tea

Black Tea - Assam

If you want a really tasty black tea with a deep taste, we recommend Assam FOP. It comes from India, and more specifically from Assam, a province that is the region where the best Indian teas are produced. The term FOP means that this product has been classified into the group of the best quality infusions. It was made of younger parts of plants of the Camelia genus - only the youngest, and therefore the most delicate parts of the shrubs (young leaves and leaf buds) collected during the second set of tea leaves, i.e. at the end of May and at the beginning of June, were used for the production of this dried material.
Black teas

Ceylon Black Tea

A classic of Ceylon tea with a distinctive burgundy-brown color and an even more distinctive flavor. It owes it to carefully selected leaves of the highest quality, which have undergone full fermentation. It is definitely a tea with character. Sri Lanka is now known worldwide as the place where the perfect Ceylon black tea is made. Tea leaves are harvested by hand. The infusion tastes pleasantly tart, sweetness emerges from the background. It tastes great solo, as well as with the toppings.

Black Tea - Georgian BOP

We are the only distributor of this tea in Ireland.

Teas from Georgia have a long tradition and were very rare for a long time. We are therefore all the more pleased to be able to offer this specialty. Tea has been grown and produced in Georgia since the middle of the 18th century. Chinese tea plants are the basis of cultivation. Our quality comes from wild growing tea bushes.

Black Tea - Keemun

Keemun (also called Qimen) is one of the most important teas from China. Despite its great popularity, Keemun has only been produced in Anhui Province since 1875. Before that time, only green teas were produced in Anhui. Traditionally, only the delicate pieces of the tea tree Zhu-ye-zhong are used for Keemun. Sufficient wilting, complete rolling and proper fermentation are the prerequisites for the good quality of the tea.

Raspberry Queen's Tea

The Raspberry Queen Tea is an excellent proposition for tea gourmets - especially those who love fruit refreshment. Its slightly sweet, mild flavor is obtained thanks to the combination of delicious Assam TGFOP with pieces of fragrant, sun-filled raspberries. The composition creates an aromatic brew, perfect for sipping at any time of the day. In summer, it can be successfully served in a frozen version, while in winter it will be a great idea for a quick warm-up.

Ingredients: Assam black tea TGFOP, raspberry (freeze-dried raspberry, dried raspberry, raspberry leaves), hibiscus, NATURAL FLAVOR.

The Andalusian Sun - Fruit Tea

Mandarin, nectarine and orange are so juicy that they burst into delicious juices. Their sweet taste and cheerful color bring to mind caressing rays of warmth ... they are so delicious because they are ripe in full sun. Although its splendor reaches everywhere, it is Andalusia that is called the land of the sun. Try our blend with double the amount of tasty additives and feel how their golden taste envelops your senses.

Double the amount of additives.

Ingredients: Assam tea, orange peel, aroma, mandarins, rose petals, red pepper.

Black Tea Yunnan GB

Coming from the province of Yunnan (meaning "south of the clouds"), carefully selected leaf tea of the highest quality has won the hearts of tea lovers also in Europe. In the infusion, it gives a deep and intense color. Discover its classic, noble taste. It is worth reaching for black tea when you are tired, it refreshes you and puts you in a good mood. Loved not only by gourmets! You can diversify pure black tea to your liking by adding freeze-dried fruit or jam, which you can also find in our offer.

Earl Grey Tea

Earl Gray Rose Fairy

It will charm you with its aroma. Black tea flavored with bergamot with the addition of flower petals which in combination with rose petals creates a unique composition. The essence of the tea is highlighted by the aromatic bergamot oil and blue cornflower petals. The infusion has a delicate aftertaste and a pungent smell.

Ceylon, also known as the Pearl of the Indian Ocean, has a variable climate. Ceylon tea is also called "Island Tea". It is produced in six regions, the most valued are leaves harvested in the high parts of the island. Their infusion is characterized by a golden, golden-red color and an intense flavor and aroma.

Earl Gray Blue Flower

The black fermented leaves of this Earl Gray mixture are traversed by bright dark blue petals of the cornflower and ensure an exciting experience not only when tasting. The lovely flowery taste of the tea is down-to-earth despite its gentleness thanks to the striking freshness and can be rounded off very well with a cloud of cream.

Earl Gray Classic

The refreshing Earl Gray is not only one of the absolute classics among the teas among the British, the Lebensbaum brand also appreciates the black tea with its unique bergamot character. The special thing about this creation is the use of Pu-Erh tea leaves, which taste particularly mild and slightly sweet after fermentation. In addition, the tea practically no longer has astringency, which avoids the feeling of dry mouth. The lemony freshness of a typical Earl Gray carries through into the cup, which is filled with a red-brown color. The loose organic leaves are ideally prepared with boiling water (98 ° C) and steeping for 3 to 5 minutes. If you like it a little more tangy, you can add some essential oil from the lemon peel to the tea.

Darjeeling Earl Gray

Lean back and enjoy - our fragrant, tasty Darjeeling Earl Gray offers us the purest aroma tea therapy. The fine, fruity note of bergamot gently envelops the full-bodied Darjeeling. This is how the popular Earl Gray aroma is created with the characteristic, sour accents. Darjeeling Earl Gray tastes good around the clock on its own or with milk and honey. The loose Earl-Gray is vegan, with no artificial additives, added sugar, sulfur or gluten.

Earl Gray Lady Rose

You don't keep this lady waiting. You let them go. Fine black tea with naturally fruity orange oil, the mild aroma of bergamot and nuances of rose petals.

The fine black tea with its naturally fruity orange oil, a touch of rose and the mild aroma of bergamot not only captivates tea connoisseurs. But be careful: don't fall in love too quickly.

Earl Gray Orange

We have brought together the natural oils of the bergamot fruit, orange peel, marigold and sunflower leaves with the well-rounded blend of digestible black teas and thus obtained a delicious new version of the classic.

Fruit Tea

Wild Strawberry

A fruit and herbal tea with a wild strawberry flavor

Remember the taste and smell of summer with the new wild strawberry flavored tea. This unique combination will take you to moments filled with aroma and carefree warm days.

Tea Garden is a line of unique fruit teas with intense flavors. Harvested with the greatest care, the fruit is inspected and then carefully packed to protect all the benefits of nature.

It is 100% natural ingredients. Large pieces of fruit, thanks to which the drink is exceptionally tasty and aromatic.

Fruit tea does not contain theine - that's why you and your loved ones can enjoy its taste and aroma at any time of the day!

The product contains only natural ingredients.

Ingredients: Hibiscus, NATURAL flavors, freeze-dried strawberry, dried wild strawberry, linden flower.

Magic Glade

Produced from the highest quality ingredients, the Blackcurant fruit tea with the addition of exotic pineapple is a proposal that will show new taste horizons and captivate with the intense aroma of tropical islands.

Blackcurant aroma and the juiciness of pineapple with the addition of hibiscus release the bouquet and flavor contained in the dried fruit even better. The infusion in your cup will not only amaze you with its unique taste, but also help to enchant every moment to help you discover the magic in everything that surrounds you.

See for yourself how our tea served hot warms you up, while the iced tea pleasantly refreshes you on hot days. Let yourself be enchanted by the Ambrosia teas.

Ingredients: hibiscus, pineapple, marshmallows, blackcurrant, aroma.

Enchanted Forest

Fruit and herbal tea with the flavor of forest fruits

Straight from the enchanted forest is a tea whose very fruity taste comes only from natural ingredients. In it you will find large pieces of fruit, which make the drink exceptionally tasty and aromatic. Ambrosia teas are fruit teas with excellent taste. Selected and carefully harvested fruits are carefully inspected and then carefully packed to protect all the benefits of nature. It is 100% natural ingredients.

Fruit tea does not contain theine, which makes it possible to drink it at any time of the day. A wide range of flavors makes Ambrosia fruit teas suitable for all family members, including children.

Ingredients: hibiscus, apple, freeze-dried blackberry, raspberry, elderberry, aroma, blackberry leaves and wild strawberries

Raspberry Fruit Tea with Linden Flower

Raspberry tea with linden is an original combination of fruit, guaranteeing a perfect boost of energy for the whole day! It includes: raspberry fruit, linden flower, hibiscus flower, rosehip and aroma.

Raspberry fruits contain essential oil, are rich in pectins, cyanidin derivatives and sugars: sucrose and glucose. In addition, they also contain many vitamins, such as C, E, B1, B2, B6, as well as minerals such as potassium, iron, magnesium, and calcium. In folk medicine, raspberries have been used in bacterial and viral colds diseases and are still recommended for warming today. It is also worth knowing that these fruits cleanse and nourish the body.

The linden inflorescence contains over 20 flavonoids, phytosterols, terpenes, tannins, pectins, essential oil, organic acids, mineral salts, vitamin C and PP. Linden flower infusion is used primarily in sweating treatments.

The combination of raspberries and linden flowers naturally supports the body's immunity. The tea has an excellent flavor and aroma that help you relax on chilly evenings. It is recommended for people of all ages. It provides the body with the necessary substances that support natural immunity. It is recommended, among others, in states of fatigue and exhaustion, as well as an addition to the treatment of colds and flu.

Ingredients: hibiscus, raspberry, chokeberry, rosehip, linden flower, apple, aroma.

Green Tea

Jasmine Tea

The scent of fresh jasmine flowers is revered like no other scent across Asia. The scent of jasmine is said to influence us in a very special and pleasant way. This jasmine tea is made by adding fresh jasmine flowers to pre-dried green tea. But with this process there are huge differences in quality, which are then also reflected in the taste. Jasmine tea was made 700 years ago during the Sung Dynasty (960-1279). A special process is used to add fresh jasmine flowers to the pre-dried green tea. Botanically, jasmine (Jasminum officinale) belongs to the olive family (Oleaceae).

The best jasmine plants thrive in South China with wonderfully fragrant, delicate white flowers. The ritual, known in China as the wedding, of mixing these fresh jasmine blossoms with valuable tea and then gently steaming them, goes back to the early imperial dynasties of China. This creates jasmine teas with a wonderfully lovely jasmine character. In the cup, jasmine tea develops a mild, full and flowery aroma.

Ingredients: Sencha green tea, dried jasmine flowers, aroma.

Sakura Green Tea - The Taste of Cherry

Inspired by the country of cherry blossoms, an elegant and delicious blend. Cherries on high-quality Sencha green tea, the leaves of which have been pressed into the shape of needles. The whole is covered with rose petals accompanied by ginkgo biloba leaves, also known as ginkgo biloba, plants with fascinating health properties. Consuming it can help prevent serious neurodegenerative diseases. Ginkgo biloba contains a lot of extremely valuable health substances such as: flavonoids, steroids, organic acids, hydroxy acids, tannins and others. In Sakura - Taste of Cherry there is a large amount of delicious additives, and green tea gives a noble taste.

Double the amount of additives. Ingredients: Sencha tea, cherries, rose petals, ginkgo biloba leaves, aroma.

Green Tea Desert Flower (with prickly pear)

Lovely, fresh, cactus. Pleasantly refreshes, hydrates and pampers the senses. Created on the basis of Sencha green tea with leaves pressed into the shape of needles. It tastes hot, but also cold. Cool the prepared infusion, add ice cubes and drink it for good health!

Ingredients: Sencha green tea, pineapple, aroma, fig opuntia flower, safflower and sunflower petals.

Herbal Tea

Herbal Tea For Heart

Flowers and fruits of hawthorn, an important component of the Dry Berd Heart mixture based on green sencha is an invaluable treasure in the fight against cardiovascular ailments. Hawthorn is full of flavonids, phenyl acids, tannins, phytosterols, vitamins and minerals. It will soothe your heart when it is overwhelmed by nerves and stress. Helpful with hypertension, improves the efficiency of the circulatory system.

Beechwood herb and hop cones will relieve nervous tension. The herb motherwort is a treasure of nature that has a cardiac and calming effect, increasing blood flow to the heart, alleviating heart muscle disorders. It lowers the pressure. An aromatic rose will do the same. Yarrow company will support the digestive tract, and nettle leaf will increase immunity.

Ingredients: Sencha green tea, hawthorn fruit, hawthorn flower, beech tree herb, motherwort herb, yarrow herb, hop cones, rose petals, nettle leaf.

Herbal Tea For High Blood Pressure

The most important thing is to hear the peace that comes from nature. As you walk the Castlemorris Wood Trail, close your eyes and listen to the rustle of fine grass to get back inside, come back to yourself. You are whole. Each element harmonizes with each other. This is what relief looks like. You have your own good rhythm - your heart beats, your blood flows constantly. Listen to your body. Breathe, move. A walk among the meadows will help keep your body healthy. Nature and exercise - you have the best doctors next to you.

The mixture of Soothing Szum Traw is meant to be a relief. You can hear the hum of lemongrass - a plant with incredible potential, rich in antioxidants that fight free radicals - prevents premature skin aging. It will lower your blood pressure. It is an excellent sedative and antidepressant. It improves concentration. When you calm down your thoughts, your body will calm down. Listen carefully and you will hear the humming of hawthorn and valerian root, which also help maintain normal blood pressure. If you listen even more carefully, you will hear mistletoe and chokeberry herbs that lower blood pressure. In the early stages of hypertensive disease, the motherwort herb contained in this health blend is an invaluable support. The vitamin supplement of rose hips and blackberry leaves will strengthen the body. The blend was created on the basis of Pu Erh red tea, which improves cognitive abilities and normalizes blood pressure.

Ingredients: Pu Erh tea, lemongrass, hawthorn fruit, rosehip fruit, motherwort herb, hawthorn flower, valerian root, wild strawberry leaf, mistletoe herb, chokeberry fruit.

Herbal Tea For Weight Loss

A walk along the Irish trails is an extraordinary encounter with wildlife. It is also a pleasant way to take care of your body, a unique opportunity to listen to nature and your own body. The air from Połoniny will clear the mind of busy thoughts and help the body regain its balance. Our tea for weight loss works in a similar way. A number of ingredients positively influencing the course of the metabolic process facilitate digestion and cleanse the body of toxins. The rhizome of couch grass, birch leaves, nettles, blackberries and wild strawberries will have a beneficial effect on the digestive system and will be a great companion for those who want to lose weight. Nettle contains secretin that activates the work of the pancreas, which has a positive effect on metabolism and digestion. Birch leaf helps in the fight against cellulite. Fruits contained in the mixture - juniper fruit, elderberry and rowan have diuretic and choleretic properties, thus supporting digestive processes. All this is based on the delicate Sencha green tea, which regulates digestion, lowers blood sugar levels and thus supports weight loss.

Ingredients: green tea Secha, couch grass rhizome, birch leaf, nettle, blackberry, wild strawberry, elderberry flower, juniper fruit, elderberry and rowanberry.

Herbal Tea - Stress Relief

Who wouldn't want to stay in the Land of Gentleness forever? Surround yourself with peace, take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, live in harmony with the rhythm of nature? A land of peace in which you will gladly stay, abandon your worries, and see the closeness of nature. Just inhale and exhale… And when you leave the rush and stress behind, the Irish aura will show you who you really are. Relaxing tea In the Land of Mildness, based on health-promoting Sencha tea, will take you where nothing will disturb your peace. Shaken nerves will soothe oats, rich in B vitamins. It will also help us increase our strength and endurance. Valerian also has a calming effect, as it has relaxing properties and also cures insomnia and migraines. The infusion of lemon balm and hops soothes the nerves and overstimulates the nervous system. Hypericum perforatuma is a natural antidepressant. Valerian - especially useful in the treatment of neurosis. Hedge bedstraw has a diastolic effect and reduces excessive sweating. The action of Veronica thessalica also helps to deal with stress.

Ingredients: Sencha green tea, Lemon balm, hedge bedstraw, Plume thistle, Common oats, Valerian, Betonica officinalis, Hypericum perforatuma, Common hops, Veronica officinalis

White Tea

Silver needle White tea (Yin Zhen)

Silver needle tea (Bai Hao Yin Zhen, Silver Needle) is considered the finest white tea. The best qualities of the silver needle tea come from Fuding, Fujian in China.
Special feature of the silver needle tea

Silver needle white tea has always been considered the noblest and therefore also the most expensive type of white tea. The best "Bai Hao Yin Zhen" are among the 10 top teas in China and worldwide. Only tender, unopened buds are picked in spring for this white tea. No other type of tea only uses buds.

These are obtained from a special tea bush variety of the Camellia Sinensis tea plant. These are the best qualities from the southeast Chinese province of Fujian, the two best cultivars "Fuding Da Bai" and "Fuding Da Hao" as well as Fu’An Da Bai.

Because of the special tea variety, the use of delicate buds and minimal processing, the silver needle tea has an incomparably elegant and delicate taste like no other tea variety. Its infusion color is also incomparably clear and almost inconspicuous, depending on the location and the tea, from jade green to light yellow.

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