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E Your professional supplier of e-cigarettes, e-liquids, clearomizers and accessories. Here you will find a large selection of vaporization devices from all leading companies that will guarantee you the highest level of safety. Just browse our categories and discover the diversity of our offer.

E-cigarette is an alternative to traditional tobacco products, thanks to which you can start a new lifestyle. Unlike a traditional cigarette, an e-cigarette only emits a mist of vapor. How did this happen? The design of vaporizers is quite simple - the e-juice in the tank connected to the battery is heated to a temperature that allows it to evaporate using a heater. Vaping also gives you the opportunity to choose between e-liquid containing nicotine or not. The e-liquids available in our Vape Shop offer an endless number of flavors and several nicotine strengths, so you can order your individual e-juices on

Why is purchasing an e-cigarette in our Vape Shop so easy?

The entire team has been dealing with e-cigarettes for many years. We have been selling vaporization devices since 2010 and we know the old and new equipment very well. To provide you with the highest possible quality, we distribute premium brands such as Innokin, ElfBar, Vaporesso, EirHorse, Kangertech and Joyetech

All the companies mentioned above have an established position on the Vape market and offer vapers high-quality equipment that allows for perfect aroma development while maintaining the right amount of vapor. All these vaporizing devices combined with our top-class e-Liquids ensure complete comfort during vaporization. Vape Shop is clearly designed and offers a wide selection of electronic cigarettes for both beginners and advanced vapers.

If you already have your first experience with e-cigarette starter kits and are familiar with vaping, you can also choose a medium or large e-cigarette. Devices in these categories offer a wider range of functions and produce much more powerful vapor than small starter units.


Fast delivery of goods is very important to us. For this reason, we have optimized our logistics center for you. Simply place your selected products in your cart. Once you have completed the ordering process, simply go to the checkout where there are multiple payment options available. As soon as we receive your payment, the goods will be shipped as soon as possible. Our customers love this very fast turnaround, which is why we have gained thousands of satisfied vapers over the last few years.

According to today's state of science and research, an e-cigarette is a much less harmful alternative to smoking. A vaper, i.e. an e-cigarette consumer, by giving up a traditional cigarette, spares his body a dose of 250 toxic substances, 90 of which are even carcinogenic.

Is e-cigarette harmful?

As a Vaper, I can decide whether I use e-Liquids with or without nicotine. If I decide to use e-liquid with nicotine, I should be aware that nicotine can lead to addiction. Long-term and excessive nicotine consumption can lead to health problems such as cardiovascular disease.

The e-liquid contains propylene glycol, which is vaporized and inhaled by the heating coil. However, propylene glycol is not only found in e-cigarette liquid. It is used, for example, as a carrier in asthma sprays and as a fog machine at a disco. Possible side effects when inhaling propylene glycol include throat and mouth irritation and a dry cough. Some studies indicate that some e-liquids contain tobacco-specific nitrosamines and diethylene glycol (DEG). However, the nitrosamine content was below the verifiable limit. At, we offer only high-quality e-juices from well-known producers.

Who do we not sell e-cigarettes to?

The media constantly emphasizes that electronic cigarettes pose a threat to our children. Disposable cigarettes are a potential sales leader, harming young people but also the environment.

We would like to point out that vaping devices are not suitable for minors and that does not sell e-cigarettes or e-liquids to children and young people. Additionally, we would like to point out that non-smokers should also refrain from using e-cigarettes with liquid containing nicotine, as it may lead to addiction.

You experience problems with the operation of the battery, the heater does not heat, there is an unpleasant aftertaste when vaping, or simply e cigarette does not work? What then can we do? This phenomenon can be benign factors, including:

  • Off battery e cig - very often, when we buy a new e-cigarette, the battery is simply turned off. In this way they are protected during transportation from possible mechanical damage. The solution will 3krotne pressing the power on the battery, Which will launch the e-cigarette
  • Does not work - Discharged battery in the e cigarette - This is the case also frequently encountered when buying a new e-cigarette or the long-term has not been used. How can I check if the battery is dead? Pressing the power button on the battery should flash LED That confirms the discharge of our batteries. The solution is to connect the battery to the charger.
  • The e-cigarette does not charge - because the e-juice flooded the contacts. Clearomizer - the heater does not heat up and does not smoke. What can we do? Unscrew the Clearomizer from the batteries and check whether the contacts inside are filled with liquid. If liquid drops appear: wipe the inside of the battery with a tissue and contact the Clearomizer. Flooded contacts may damage or even burn the battery, which will make it difficult for a small phone to charge the e-cigarette.
  • E-cigarette does not emit smoke - left open heater - A common case where liquid exchange in clearomizerze. When tightening mouthpiece Clearomizer are Caused by turning the heater, Which then refuses to work. Loose heater can lead to getting into contact liquid: battery, then proceed as in the case of flooding heater.
  • Flooded air channel electronic cig - Caused by the ingress of e liquid: the channel. You should also unscrew the battery Clearomizer and dry it thoroughly with a tissue.
  • E cig smoke not - you should then spin the e-cigarette, remove the mouthpiece and put the atomizer into a tissue and blow into the atomizer from the battery connections. In this way, the residual liquid comes out, then a new handkerchief, wipe the atomizer, thread and thread the battery. In this way, the atomizer should smoke much better.
  • E cigarette does not smoke, and the LED at the end of the battery is lit - it be a small defect in the battery. You must first clean the contacts with a tissue, then charge the battery and then check its operation. It would be best to test the battery life of another atomizer.
  • Electronic cigarette leaks - leaks from an atomizer. Leaks from the atomizer can be Caused by too early off button battery before the end of the borrowing or Simultaneously with the completion of borrowing. Too strong and nervous puff, and one finger accidental clogging of the air Inlets Affects the leakage of the atomized liquid:The solution is a slow, delicate and light puffs. Do not turn off the battery before or during the end of the borrowing. Please note, if our finger does not block any of the air vents.

As you can see all the problems associated with e cigarettes can solve themselves. However, if you are not sure about the cause of the failure of your e-cigarette, best Pay the assistance of the store where you bought your e vaporizer. So how to take care of the electronic-cigarette to enjoy it for a long time. If you decide to buy an e cigarette, and you choose the right model That will meet your expectations, now important is proper use and care of the e-cigarette. It is very important because proper maintenance of your e-cigarette will allow for its proper Functioning longer, and will the ensure satisfaction of "blissful e smoking." The most correct in Maintaining your e cig is cleaning the e cigarette atomizer. If after a time of using the e-cigarette you will feel, in spite of the filled cartridge e cigarette Emits a smaller cloud, or gives off an unpleasant aftertaste, it will mean you need to clean the atomizer.

How to clean atomizer?


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