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Eirhorse Flavour Concentrates

As one of Ireland's leading manufacturers of e-cigarette products, Eirhorse relies on domestically produced products. Eirhorse produces according to the motto: The most important thing is the Vaper. All ingredients are purchased from EU suppliers and therefore are subject to the strict EU food law. In our store you will find many Eirhorse flavors, thanks to which you can mix liquids yourself in a completely individually designed taste. Please note that the base is also required to make the liquid - pure aroma vaporization is not possible. The concentration is high, just add about 3-6% to the base. The full flavor unfolds.

Eirhorse Concentrate

Flavors And E Liquids Of The Best Quality

Since the Eirhorse flavors are highly concentrated, they can of course not be vaped pure. They are used as an ingredient in home-mixed vape liquids to impart that flavor. In our shop you will also find the corresponding base, which together with the aromas results in the finished liquid.

These bases, which mainly consist of vegetable glycerine and propylene glycol, are also manufactured by Eirhorse under the strictest quality controls exclusively in the EU. The most popular bases for mixing your own vaporizer liquids are:

  • Classic liquid base 55/35/10: This contains 55 percent plant-based glycerin, 35 percent propylene glycol and ten percent distilled water. A good basis for beginners and everyday use.
  • Liquid base 50/50: Without water content, but with equal parts of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine.
  • Liquid base 70/30: This liquid base contains an increased proportion of glycerin and is always used when the proportion of propylene glycol should be as low as possible.

Mixing liquids yourself is very easy to do with the right prior knowledge, special tools are not absolutely necessary for this. If you want to find out how to put together your ideal liquid and refine it yourself with the Eirhorse aromas. You can find detailed instructions here. You can buy all Eirhorse flavors from us.

Eirhorse Aroma: Extensive selection

With the Eirhorse flavors no taste goes unnoticed. Because in addition to the outstanding quality of the Eirhorse flavors, it is above all the impressive variety of different flavors that ensures a loyal following. Basically, the Eirhorse flavors can be divided into six different categories:

  • Eirhorse Tobacco Flavors: These are primarily aimed at newcomers to vaping who are often looking for a substitute for the flavor of a cigarette early in their vaping career;
  • Eirhorse Fruity Flavors: Fresh fruit fans will find just about anything that can be found in the fruit section of the supermarket.
  • Eirhorse flavors for all vapers with a sweet tooth: caramel, chocolate and biscuit flavors belong in this category.
  • Eirhorse flavors based on the taste of beverages: coffee, cappuccino are on the program here, tea is also available as a flavor.
  • Eirhorse flavors with menthol: these will be appreciated by those who, in addition to vaping, are also looking for refreshment.

Eirhorse showcases years of experience in manufacturing and blending quality flavors for e-cigarettes. These Eirhorse flavors are always surprising and definitely worth a try.

The right dose of Eirhorse flavors

Due to the high concentration of Eirhorse aromas, it should be used relatively sparingly. As the aromas are very concentrated and should only be added to the liquid base in very small amounts. As a rule, a proportion of four to six percent is sufficient to achieve an optimal vaping experience. In numbers, this means that 20 to 30 ml of flavors per 0.5 liter of Liquidbase is enough to get a full flavor. If you have large amounts of base, you should definitely purchase different flavors to put them to a personal test.

Of course, the different aromas can also be freely combined with each other, as long as the total amount of aroma remains in the recommended range. However, some caution is required here as the blending of the different tastes does not automatically lead to the desired flavor. In its basic form, you can enjoy all the flavors of Eirhorse directly. In the case of blends, however, always be careful to combine only the flavors that can create a harmonious whole. For example, a mixture of tobacco notes with a slight hint of menthol is especially suitable for beginners. Mixing different sweet flavors such as cocoa or chocolate with honey is also suitable for the first experiments. If you want to be a bit bolder, fruit mixes combined with sweet flavors are also recommended.
Liquids you have mixed yourself can also make a great gift for friends who are vapers. Because thanks to the numerous aromas, you have the opportunity to create your own aromas to suit the seasons and thus create a particularly personalized gift for your friends. In spring and summer there are more fruity flavors such as citrus and fruit teas, while more festive flavors such as cinnamon and honey are more suitable for winter. With a little practice, you shouldn't have a hard time finding the right flavor for everyone.

For connoisseurs: Eirhorse flavors based on a dripper

Due to the company's extensive experience, in addition to the Eirhorse flavors, products for prolonged steam enjoyment are also part of the program. The manufacturer has created a base that is perfect for use in drip vaporizers. The behavior of this dripper base is optimized for use in relatively rare drippers, which are highly appreciated by connoisseurs, thus providing a unique vaporization experience. Of course, you can also buy this base in our store.

The flavors of Eirhorse as the perfect complement to our e-cigarettes

If you decide to buy one of our starter kits or another atomizer from our offer, we strongly encourage you to familiarize yourself with the selected Eirhorse flavors and e-liquids. We have included the products of this supplier in our assortment because we were completely convinced not only by the taste, but also the quality. Eirhorse aromas are entirely developed and produced in Ireland. They meet the highest EU quality criteria and have been appreciated by connoisseurs for many years for their balanced taste.

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