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We, the eliquids.ie team, offer you a wide range of different liquids for your e-cigarette. E-smoking is a great hobby, maybe a passion too, which has a huge range of options. "Vaping" shouldn't just be a pastime, but a pleasure. With our liquids this becomes a real pleasure. Our range is broad, from fruit liquids, tobacco liquids and beverage liquids to so-called special liquids, such as chocolate or liquorice.

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Mega Shot 15 X E Liquid Mega Shot 15 X E Liquid
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Eirhorse Nicotine Shots 10ml Eirhorse Nicotine Shots 10ml
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Apple EirHorse E Liquid Apple EirHorse E Liquid
Vendor: EirHorse


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E-liquid Guide - Which e-liquid should you choose?

Bar Salts are salt e-liquids inspired by the most popular flavors of disposable vaporizers! Perfect for any mouth-to-lung or capsule vaporization kit. Distinctive taste, intense aroma and noble delicacy are the most important features of these e-juices.

In the name of an ecological approach, which should be treated as an investment in the future, every Irish vaper should abandon the disposable vaporization device and replace it with barium salt in the same flavor.
Nicotine salts contain bound nicotine from natural tobacco. Within the European Union, liquids with a maximum content of 20 milligrams of nicotine per milliliter of liquid are permitted.

Retailers usually offer nicotine-containing liquids in strengths between 3 and 20 mg/ml. If you want to mix nicotine-containing liquids for e-cigarettes yourself, you can use flavors in the form of short and long fills.
Standard E LiquidsTHE STANDARD 10ml E-JUICE
Regular E Liquid bottle offers varying levels of nicotine ranging from 0mg (0%) to 20mg (2%). They also have an infinite number of males, which can be considered an advantage.

These e-liquids are recommended to all e-cigarette users who prefer a strong throat hit. Depending on the VG/PG ratio, appropriate coil heads must be selected. They work well with low-power devices.

E Liquid Helpful Guides

How to Change E-LiquidHOW TO CHANGE E-LIQUID.

Here you will learn how to easily use the same tanks and coil heads when changing E-Juice. Vaping comfort without losing taste.
What is Nicotine StrengthsUnderstanding The Power of Nicotine

Nicotine is a highly poisonous substance. If you are not sure which nicotine strength to choose, visit our Vape Blog to dispel your doubts.
E-Liquid Guide for BeginnersA Beginner's Guide To E-Liquids

If you are new to e-cigarettes and have so many e-liquids to choose from that you can't decide which e-juice is best for you, read our guide.


Buy E Liquids Online For A Better Price - No E Juice, No Vape!

One of the basic requirements when vaping an e-cigarette is the substance to be vaporized, i.e. the so-called e-juice, commonly called liquid. Without this, no mist will come out of your e-cigarette. Therefore, you should always make sure you have enough fluids to replenish your supplies while vaping. You will find the perfect taste in the wide range of e-liquids in our online store.

Buy cheap liquids for e-cigarettes - at Eliquids.ie

Nowadays there are almost innumerable manufacturers for eJuice, serious, but also less serious. That is why we at Eliquids.ie pay particular attention to only working with the most renowned liquid brands in the industry. We assume that these brands are manufactured according to the European Pharmacopoeia, which ultimately ensures that purity and quality are guaranteed thanks to the use of the best raw materials in the liquids.
The liquids consist of propylene glycol (PG), as well as a proportion of vegetable glycerine and water. However, this combination alone would be devoid of any taste and would not be useful for enjoyable vaping. The aroma is an important component of every liquid, the icing on the cake, so to speak, but with the smallest amount. The flavors contained in liquids are also used in the food industry. So don't worry when filling your e-cigarette!

Vaping nicotine-free - with e-liquids from Eliquids.ie

Every e-vaper can decide for himself whether he wants to buy the vape-liquids and use them with or without nicotine: Since the tastes are different, you cannot give a clear recommendation here. Our vape-juices are available with different nicotine content, each variant marked. Last but not least, they are also suitable for quitting smoking and consuming less and less nicotine in the respective e-liquid, right up to the liquid without nicotine.

E Liquid Flavors

E-vaping has long ceased to be the only alternative to smoking. With liquids in an endless variety of flavors, vaporization offers a completely new approach to life. In our store you will find countless varieties, starting with tobacco and menthol, as well as sweet variations with fruit flavors and experimental liquids in unique designs. A huge advantage of e-vaping is the huge amount of liquid. Currently, you can vape, for example, an ordinary fruit basket or cheesecake. Everyone should try such liquids at least once! The most important thing, however, is which liquid will suit you best. There is no logical recommendation for this, after all, every Vaper has different tastes. There are no limits to your imagination because liquids can also be mixed together. In addition to ready-made e-liquids, there are also flavors that you can mix yourself and you can also find them in our vape shop.

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