E-Liquid mit Nikotin oder ohne Nikotin? 0
E-Liquid mit Nikotin oder ohne Nikotin?

E-liquid with or without nicotine?

Smoking and nicotine cannot be separated from each other, e-liquids and e-cigarettes at least give the consumer a choice. Because there are liquids with nicotine as well as without nicotine, even the nicotine concentration of the liquids can be selected. Former smokers who started vaping as a substitute for smoking and would like to stop smoking permanently, should initially choose nicotine-containing liquids with a sufficiently high nicotine concentration, and then slowly and gradually switch to liquids with a lower nicotine content and, after a few months, a liquid completely without To try nicotine. Many former smokers at least recommend this approach when choosing liquids.

Are e-liquids with nicotine better than tobacco cigarettes?

Is an e-liquid with nicotine really less harmful than smoking? Although this is often claimed, it has not yet been proven beyond doubt and one should therefore be careful not to classify e-cigarettes, liquids with and without nicotine and vaping generally as harmless or even harmless. In addition, the information on the nicotine content on the cigarette packs cannot be compared with that of liquids: With values of around 1 mg, the nicotine content of an average cigarette seems low, but does not say anything about the actual nicotine intake when vaping e-cigarettes and nicotine-containing liquids.

Is the nicotine in the liquids really that harmful?

Of course, nicotine liquids are anything but harmless and neither the health risk nor the addiction potential should be played down. Especially with children and adolescents, when it comes to liquids and nicotine, a very special vigilance is the top priority. In contrast to vaping liquids, it is now assumed that smoking tobacco releases a whole range of harmful ingredients that usually do not occur when vaping in this form and composition. The liquids in electronic cigarettes are probably not free from dangerous pollutants, but whether and how much nicotine is consumed while vaping is up to the vaper to choose the e-liquid.

Tips for switching smokers

If you want to switch to the electronic cigarette as a smoker, choose the nicotine strength of the liquid not too low at the beginning. Anyone who does not satisfy their nicotine addiction with the liquid during the transition from smoker to vaper usually quickly reaches for the tobacco cigarette again and misses the personal goal of completely stopping smoking. Many former smokers have reported to us that they slowly and gradually reduced the nicotine content in the e-liquid, and thus were able to implement a very gentle way of smoking cessation.

Are e-liquids in e-cigarettes safe?

According to the current state of research, nobody can claim that, vaping or consuming liquids from e-cigarettes or e-shisha cannot be described as risk-free or even harmless. Children and adolescents as well as pregnant women are strongly advised not to smoke or vape. Vaping is the better or cheaper alternative to conventional smoking, at least from a financial point of view, if one can believe the common comparative calculations and tables. In addition, the vaping of e-cigarettes does not fall under the general ban on smoking in public buildings, so on this point even the legislature makes a decisive difference between vaping and smoking.

What substances are e-liquids or bases and flavors made of?

A matter of trust from vaper to vaper and we go to great lengths to ensure that we only offer you really high-quality liquids for sale.

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