Laboratory E Liquid

Basic hints for individual production of e-liquids

E Liquids having a concentration greater than 36 mg / ml can be used only a PREPARE you own Mixtures for the personal use - after dilution to the safe level for Vapers.
A dilution having a concentration of 48 mg / ml means 4.8 % of nicotine dilution in propylene glycol. Strongly emphasize again-the nicotine is 48 mg in 1ml of E liquid, and not in the whole bottle. This means That the average lethal dose for humans is less than 1.5 ml - about 30 drops. Therefore, special precautions are Necessary when working with this dilution, as well as for its storage, If you choose this purchase and the dilution of the solution, you need to prepare a place of work, the appropriate bottle and something to measure the volume (pipette (*) dropper).

 What else should I keep in mind ?

Nicotine is absorbed very easily through the mucous membranes. During operation, the not grate your eyes, to not bury in the mouth or nose, nor touch other sensitive areas ( what ever it means ). If by any chance something like this happens, quickly rinse the affected area with plenty of water. If irritation Persists longer, you should go to the doctor. The same visit should take place, if you suddenly feel unwell - may in fact be an overdose of nicotine ( by inhalation ). Doctor, of course, must be informed about the type of mixture you have been using. Important note at the en!
Keep common sense! If you have any doubt as it Whether you really handle it - might be better to let go and buy the ready to use e-liquid. That will be wiser and safer.

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