E Cigarette will help in weight loss?

Does the e-cigarette help you lose weight? Why do many former smokers gain weight?

Many smokers who quit smoking complain of steady weight gain after quitting tobacco. The cause is mostly an increased feeling of hunger, which is primarily caused by the loss of nicotine.

More hungry than non-smokers or vapers? Are you more hungry when you stop smoking?

Psychological aspects also play a role that should not be underestimated. There are no usual rituals, such as inhaling the smoke and holding the glowing stick in your hand, which very often results in excessive nervousness. As a substitute act, many ex-smokers then resort to sweets, snacks or other delicacies that stimulate the brain's reward system and thus act as a substitute drug.

Avoid gaining weight with e-cigarettes

For those who switch to the e-cigarette as a smoker, the circumstances outlined above only apply if nikton-free liquids are used. However, in most cases this is unlikely. Most ex-smokers start with nicotine-containing liquids, which makes sense. According to current knowledge, nicotine is the smallest problem of a tobacco consumer who is prepared to ingest over 200 (sometimes carcinogenic) toxic substances and over 4,000 other dangerous chemicals for his daily nicotine dose. Once you've made the leap to e-cigarettes, there are many aspects that suggest that weight gain can be ruled out. Nicotine is a neurotoxin that is not carcinogenic and that is not too harmful in the doses taken in via e-cigarette.

Nicotine suppresses the feeling of hunger and activates the reward system in the brain.

So if a smoker switches to vaping with nicotine-containing liquids, his or her feeling of hunger will still be curbed by the nicotine ingested. In addition, the reward system in the brain is activated, which prevents any nervousness and the desire for edible substitutes. Conversely, one should be aware that nicotine-free liquids increase the feeling of hunger, which can lead to weight gain for the reasons mentioned above. Of course it is worth striving to also leave out the nicotine at a later point in time, but then the body has already got used to the change and there should be no more drastic hunger attacks.

E-cigarette supports weight loss as well as sports activities

After a short time, a former smoker - who switches to the e-cigarette - gets better air again, improves his fitness and can better carry out sporting activities. It doesn't matter what kind of sport it is. The main thing is that you do something for your musculoskeletal system.

E-cigarettes and running.

Even half an hour of walking, jogging, walking or an hour of cycling have an enormously positive effect on cardiovascular functions. The sporting activity also provides the body with fresh oxygen and ensures both physical and mental well-being. Running in particular is very suitable for weight loss. No restrictions are to be expected from the consumption of e-cigarettes, as the switch from tobacco to the electric version significantly improves the condition. Anyone who can breathe better after a few days thanks to the elimination of the harmful combustion toxins from cigarettes will find sporting activities more pleasant and less strenuous. The metabolism is also accelerated by the lack of poison and functions better overall, which gives the body additional energy that is available for sporting activities. These positive circumstances speak clearly in favor of weight loss through e-cigarettes.

Conclusion: The e-cigarette can help you lose weight

In view of all the collected facts, such as improved breathing, an increased willingness to exercise, a better metabolism and the avoidance of psychologically triggered hunger attacks, I come to the conclusion that the e-cigarette can definitely help you lose weight. At least it is not particularly likely that the switch from tobacco to the e-cigarette will lead to weight gain, provided that nicotine-containing liquid is used.

Of course, every person is different and every body functions individually, which is why you cannot make a blanket statement for all consumers equally. If you use your improved physical condition to do some exercise, you are definitely on the right path to a healthier life and you will not gain weight either. Of course, I advise every non-smoker against starting e-cigarettes, especially not for weight loss reasons. For smokers, however, the switch is definitely worthwhile, although weight gain is unlikely.

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