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The big e-cigarette test from ELIQUIDS.IE - Tested by experienced Vapers

Especially if you want to switch to vaping as a smoker, the huge selection of e-cigarettes can quickly become overwhelming - not so with the big e-cigarette test from ELIQUIDS.IE! We have made various models for beginners and professionals and put them through their paces. Which e-cigarette produces a lot of vapor? Which one has the best price-performance ratio? Which e cigarette do you recommend?

We scrutinized this and much more with our team and came up with four winners in four categories. You can find out which ones are in our large e-cigarette test from ELIQUIDS.IE!

This is how the e-cigarette test works - our test procedure

First of all, it helps to know that there are logically many vapers in our ELIQUIDS.IE team. After all, we have turned our passion into our job. But of course it is not only us who put the devices under the microscope in this e-cigarette test! Since we receive a lot of test devices, we are able to give them to other experienced vapers who also test the e-cigarettes according to our criteria - and not just for an afternoon, but over a longer period of time. Because really good devices need time to "evaporate", just as good liquid needs time to mature.
For our e-cigarette test, we have defined various criteria that should be paid particular attention to. The results were of course recorded in detail and then evaluated in detail. And so we came to our four test winners - which we will present here in detail.

Our test criteria

Everyone "looks" for something different with an e-cigarette. One vaper decides on a certain e-cigarette because the look pleases, the other because it can produce a lot of vapor and the next one because everything is just right with the chosen model. Of course, you have to know for yourself what is important to you personally, but we have defined various criteria that should be examined in more detail:

Development of taste

The best liquid is useless if its taste is not reproduced clearly and purely by the vaporizer. A good atomizer head in the evaporator manages to tease out even the finest aroma nuances and to reproduce the taste clearly and purely. But that's not the only thing to watch out for. How long the vaporizer manages to keep the flavor is also important here. You can imagine it to be similar to chewing gum: it tastes very intense at the beginning, but the longer you chew on it, the more neutral the taste becomes. Good atomizer heads easily manage to keep the taste at a high level for two weeks or more.

Steam generation

The same standards apply to the development of steam as to the taste. Of course, we also make sure that the same base liquid is used for testing. Finally, a liquid with a composition of 50% VG and 50% PG can produce different results than a liquid with an 80/20 composition.

During steam development, attention is also paid to how long the coil "holds out" before steam production noticeably decreases. However, it is not just about the coil: whether the Airflow Control enables good air circulation also falls into this category.

Build quality

Good workmanship is self-explanatory: do all the parts fit together perfectly and without running out? Does the 510 thread grip between the atomizer and the battery mod without jerking or hooking and are the threads milled cleanly? Are there gaps or protrusions that do not affect the function but affect the appearance? How is the e-cigarette packed and are any spare parts included in the scope of delivery?


The e-cigarette market is highly competitive and subject to constant further developments. Where does the test device rank in the innovation area? Did you rely on the tried and tested or tried something new? And if innovation was dared, was it worth it? Because who does not know them, the "remedial measures" that deliver less than they promise. This shows whether the innovation works and whether it is a plus for the e-cigarette.

Usability / ergonomics

In our e-cigarette comparison we differentiated into two basic categories: the entry-level and the professional devices. Because a smoker who just wants to switch to vaping expects something different in terms of usability than the experienced vaper, for whom as many setting options as possible for "fine-tuning" are important. How is the device structured and is the operation self-explanatory or do you need the support of tutorials and YouTube videos to find your way around?

In the area of ergonomics, special attention was paid to how the e-cigarette lies in the hand, whether the buttons can be easily reached and also how the material feels. Our e-cigarette test was of course carried out by both female and male testers in order to also examine different proportions of the tested e-cigarettes.

Battery power

Here we examine the battery capacity (in mAh) the e-cigarette has, whether the battery cell is permanently installed or exchangeable and how long you can usually vape with it - although that always depends on how much you vape. Some vapers use the e-cigarette like a cigarette. That means they steam for just under five minutes and then put them away for a certain period of time. Other users, on the other hand, use e-cigarettes much more often, which of course is noticeable in a faster drop in battery power. How the e-cigarette is charged also falls within this range.


When it comes to optics, it is of course subject to subjective opinion, but you can still evaluate the design according to objective criteria. For example, whether the atomizer forms a good unit with the battery mod or whether it creates an inharmonious picture for the eye. The choice of materials also plays a role here, because whether you use cheap plastic or high-quality stainless steel naturally has an impact on the look.

Product safety

E-cigarettes use high currents and power outputs. This can of course lead to certain risks, especially in the sub-ohm range. Product safety depends on the various protective mechanisms, starting with short-circuit fuses, outgassing holes and the like. It also assesses whether the evaporator is protected from accidental leakage.

Price-performance ratio

Of course, you can take all of the above criteria apart - at the end of the day someone who wants to find the perfect e-cigarette for themselves depends on the overall picture. It should steam properly, taste good, last a long time and be properly processed. Here it depends on how the e-cigarette performs in an overall comparison and whether you get something for your money.

Which e-cigarette is the test winner?

The e-cigarette market is large and continues to grow almost daily. In 2021, a large number of new e-cigarette models have come onto the market again, which make it difficult even for old hands to decide. Not to mention as a switch who wants to switch from smoking to vaping.

That is precisely why we have created two important basic categories: the e-cigarette for beginners and for professionals. The second important difference lies in the type of vaping, in which a distinction is made between "vaping on the lungs" or "direct-to-lung" and back-steaming, ie "mouth-to-lung".

So here they are, our winners of the ELIQUIDS.IE e-cigarette test 2021 in four categories. If you would like further advice on buying e-cigarettes, please do not hesitate to contact our service team

E-cigarette winner category Vaping on cheek: The Aspire Nautilus GT Kit

Aspire is one of the most popular and experienced e-cigarette manufacturers. Aspire e-cigarettes cover the entire spectrum, from entry-level to professional devices. The Nautilus GT Kit is the ideal device for those who switch and those who want to become one. The chic device convinces with modern technology and simple operation.

Aspire Nautilus GT Kit

The Glint Mod and the Nautilus GT atomizer can also be used independently of each other, but in this combination they can develop their full potential. The Nautilus GT atomizer is the further development of the popular MTL atomizer Nautilus. The Glint Mod is of high quality and equipped with the latest technology, such as an OLED display and USB-C connection. The simple operation is of particular benefit to inexperienced vapers.

Product information Aspire Nautilus GT Kit

  • Tank volume 3 ml
  • Battery 1 x battery (not included)
  • Length 134 mm
  • Weight 176 g
  • Special features Perfect for those switching
  • Draw technique steaming on cheek (info)
  • Price € 74.99

Overview of test results:

  • Flavor development: 3
  • Steam generation: 5
  • Processing quality: 4
  • Innovation: 4
  • Usability / ergonomics: 5
  • Battery power: 4
  • Optics: 4
  • Product safety: 5
  • Value for money: 4

Development of taste

The flavor development depends heavily on the coil used. The Aspire BVC coils and the Nautilus 2S coils are compatible with the Nautilus GT atomizer. The BVC coils are absolutely convincing in terms of taste and offer a restrictive draft behavior with a small airflow setting, which suits many MTL vapers. We particularly recommend the 1.6 and 1.8 Ohm BVC variant for beginners. The mesh coil included in the scope of delivery is intended for restrictive pulls directly on the lungs and can be used with the AirFlow wide open. Depending on preferences, all coil variants offer an absolutely convincing taste development for beginners.

Steam generation

The steam development also depends on the coil and the AirFlow. With the mesh coil and wide-open AirFlow, more steam is produced than with the BVC coils with a small airflow setting. In both cases, decent, but of course not huge, clouds of steam are produced. The clouds of steam are completely sufficient to create a satisfying steam experience. The AirFlow can be infinitely adjusted via the lower ring on the evaporator with air holes of different sizes.

Build quality

The Nautilus GT Kit is made of absolutely high quality and is therefore right at the forefront, especially for beginners' devices. The Glint Mod is milled from high quality stainless steel. Only the area around the display is made of plastic and occasionally shows fingerprints. The battery compartment is opened with a sliding mechanism that is both easy to use and solidly made. The evaporator is made of PEI, which prevents heat transfer from the coil. The atomizer and the mod fit perfectly to the millimeter. Overall, the workmanship is absolutely fair for its price.


This combination is less convincing because of its many innovative features, but rather because of its simple operation and high quality workmanship. Nevertheless, there are very practical innovations included. On the one hand, the combination has a USB-C connection. In the future, this will become the standard for charging and data transmission from any technical device. So your e-cigarette, your smartphone and your tablet can be charged with one and the same cable. On the other hand, the great coil compatibility is very advantageous. Coils can be exchanged between the Nautilus atomizers and the Nautilus GT.

Usability / ergonomics

The usability is adapted to beginners and therefore very easy. There is only the watt mode, in which the wattage can be changed with the two buttons below the display. Overall, the operation is very classic and doesn't do any


The classic design is always easy to hold. With a length of 134 mm, the kit is very handy and also suitable for on the go.

Battery power

The kit has space for a 18650 battery with 2600 mAh, which is sold separately. Most of the steamers will easily get over a day with it. The battery can be charged in the device via USB-C with two amps. With this Aspire device you don't have to worry about charging the battery in the device for a long time. Aspire has built in all security functions for this.


Similar to the operation, the design is kept simple. Due to the materials and clear lines, the device makes a very high-quality impression. The rose gold version in particular is an eye-catcher. The other color options, gunmetal and silver, are rather low-key.

Price-performance ratio

At just under 75 euros, the Nautilus GT Kit is not the cheapest entry-level model. But due to the high processing quality, the many compatible coils and the solid technology, the GT Kit is one of the best MTL kits that Aspire has ever built. A long service life is guaranteed and thanks to the many coil options, the kit can also be used for various pulling techniques.


With this kit, Aspire has fully relied on its own strengths and brought a solid classic onto the market. Anyone looking for a reliable device for back-steaming without any bells and whistles is in good hands with the Aspire Nautilus GT Kit.

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