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Electronic Cigarette Shop - Ireland. Even if the electronic cigarette appears to some as "new-fancy stuff": As new as some people believe is the electric cigarette is not. In fact, the patent of a first "steam cigarette", which was never produced, was registered for the first time in 1963. However, it took another 40 years for a Chinese to invent an e-cigarette that went into production and then went on sale Small device - great effect

An electronic cigarette consists only of a few parts:

  • Battery (fixed or replaceable)
  • Clearomizer (Tank) together with an Atomizer head by means of a heating coil (covered with cotton wool)
  • Vape drip tips

The technique with which the electric cigarette works is as simple as ingenious. The E-Juice, which is located in a Tank, is vaporized by means of a heated coil.This produces an cloud, which the vaper inhales through a drip tip. Why choose an electronic cigarette? The fact is that the smoke of a commercial tobacco cigarette contains well over 10,000 different substances, which the smoker inhales in consumption. Among them, there are 250 substances toxic to humans, of which 90 are even carcinogenic. In an electronic- cigarette, on the other hand, only a liquid is evaporated which consists of propylene glycol, glycerol, flavors, water and nicotine ( opcional )

Here you will find comprehensive information on the topic E-Cigarette in connection with health.

Just browse the web, confirm that vaping girls are indeed more attractive than those smoking traditional cigarettes?


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