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Batteries for E Cigarette:

Batteries are, besides the clearomizer elementary for the e-cigarette. They provide the energy so urgently needed to fire the vaporizer and get into full steam. It is necessary to distinguish between rechargeable batteries in which the battery is firmly installed inside, and so-called battery carriers and BOX MODs, into which special, rechargeable batteries are inserted. Powerful batteries with eGo or 510 threads So-called "eGo accumulators" such as those from EirHorse, Joyetech or KangerTech, are regarded as absolute classics.

They can be operated with almost all of our clearomizer and can be found in our range in various capacitance groups - from 650 mAh up to 1600 mAh. The eGo batteries are considered to be particularly safe. They have a short-circuit protection that protects the battery against damage. A 5-click safety switch prevents unintentional switching on. 510 batteries are just as popular for larger clearomizers as they can be used without problems with an eGo adapter also for eGo clearomizers.

Accumulator / BOX MODs - for more power Rechargeable batteries, which are equipped with rechargeable batteries, often produce more power because the batteries have a higher power spectrum. There are the classical accumulator carriers, which usually look like a thicker and larger eGo accumulator as well as the so-called BOX MODs as a high-performance accumulator carrier in the BOX format - is however taste thing and over taste can not argue.

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