Battery cells, chargers and battery carriers

In the worst case scenario, vaping with an electronic cigarette will drain the battery. The performance of an e-kit is heavily dependent on the product used, because battery cells and all-in-one battery mods have different properties. There are some basic properties that are used in e-cigarette batteries:


  • The capacity determines the useful life of the battery. The value is given in mAh. The capacity describes how long the e-cigarette can be used for vaping. Devices with mAh (mAh) around 250 to 1,000 mAh are mostly recommended for beginners, complete sets and baking ovens. Everything above that enables significantly longer steam times and intensity when pulling. It is not uncommon for products to have up to 4,000 mAh.

Nominal voltage:

  • The nominal voltage is given in V (volts). It describes the possible force with which the electronic cigarette is operated. The higher the voltage, the greater the power of the vaporizer (watts) can be. For this reason, they are always coordinated to enable the ideal result.

Maximum discharge current:

  • The discharge current is specified in amperes (A). The higher this value, the more intensively the e-cigarette can be used. Too low a discharge current can have a negative effect on the steam output, as not all watts are used.

Advanced Mod

Regulated Mods - Mod | The best vape mods

If you're not sure what the best box mod for you, check out our guide below to learn more about the options.

What is a box mod?

A box mod is a power source, a box-shaped handheld housing that powers a vapor atomizer with one or more rechargeable batteries. The term “mod” has its origins in the early years of e-cigs, when hobbyist vapers “modified” existing electrical hardware (such as flashlights) for custom use as vaping hardware.

Almost everywhere, box mods have an ignition switch or button. Press the switch and the atomizer is powered by the mod and "fires" and vaporizes the e-liquid through the coil that is instantly heated. Let go of it and the power will cut off.
Types of e-cigarette box mods

There are many different types of box mods / e-cigarette mods on the market. These are some of the most common ways of categorizing them.

Shape and design

Box mods come in a variety of designs, configurations, and aesthetics. Box mods can vary in size from small to large, although they are always handheld devices.

Typically box mods are rectangular in shape, but this varies from regular boxes with sharp, straight angles to more ergonomic and aesthetic curved designs. The materials range from plastic, metal and wood in black or silver to colorful works of art.

Battery for box mods

Box mods can be constructed with fixed internal LiPo batteries that are charged via USB cables, or with replaceable Li-Ion batteries that can be charged either via USB or preferably via an external special charger.

A box mod with replaceable batteries can hold one to four rechargeable Li-ion batteries, although one or two are most common. Internal battery box mods are available in various capacities, from under 1000 mAh to over 5000 mAh.

The capabilities of a box mod depend on the battery power and capacity. The bigger an e-cigarette mod, the more power you can usually expect.

Features and functions by Box Mods

A box mod that contains a chip that allows you to set values like the wattage or the voltage being delivered to the atomizer is called a "regulated box mod". These mods usually have a screen that shows all the relevant information about the settings and features currently in use.

The most common features found in modern regulated box mods are variable power, variable voltage, and temperature control. Advanced chipsets enable functions such as preheating, power curves and boost mode or even the recognition of voice commands. While these features aren't strictly necessary, they allow for a fully customizable vaping experience.

Unregulated box mods may use chips or solder wires that provide a range of protection features but do not allow power or voltage adjustments - or any of the other advanced features. Some box mods were designed and made with no chips or wiring. In this case they are called "mechanical mods". These are intended for advanced users and, due to the lack of any protective features, require a thorough understanding of Ohm's law and battery safety.

What does a box mod cost?

Box mod prices vary widely, but the average price range is between € 35 and € 200. The vast majority of modern box mods cost around € 40-70. More advanced mods with DNA and Yihi technology usually cost 80 to 200 euros.

Handcrafted mods that use high quality materials are many times more expensive. These box mods are often available in very limited quantities and are generally considered collectible items. Typically, to get them, you have to join the waiting lists on the manufacturer's social media groups. Their price depends on the materials used, as well as the amount of time and labor required in the manufacturing process.

What's the best box mod for you?

Determining which box mod to use has a lot to do with what you intend to pair with. While it makes sense to have as much battery power as possible, some modifications are more appropriate for a particular atomizer than others. Some steam atomizers and tanks have a variety of performance requirements, but here are some common areas that most will fit.

Watts required for certain types of atomizers

  • MTL steamer: lower steam volume - 10 to 30 watts
  • Sub ohm steamer: clouds of steam - 30 to 100 watts
  • Competition-style steamers: huge clouds of steam –100 to 200 watts

Batteries that are required for certain types of atomizers

  • MTL steamers: lower steam volume - one battery
  • Sub ohm steamer: clouds of steam - one or more batteries
  • Competition-style steamers: huge clouds of steam - two or more batteries

A large multi-battery mod would work for an MTL device, but it's likely overkill. And a mid-range sub-ohm tank might work with a single cordless device, but a battery is likely to drain quickly. However, a competitive atomizer or sub-ohm tank that consumes more than 100 watts should only be powered by a high wattage multi-battery mod.

Before buying your vape box mod, think about the amount of vapor you want to exhale or the amount your atomizer can give off. The more steam, the more power (watts and batteries) you need. If steaming up a room isn't a problem, the lower power and self-contained options work just fine - and are much easier to transport.

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