3 Smok Nord Models – Which One To Choose? 0

Different models of the Smok Nord, but how do they differ?

You visit our website www.wliquids.ie with the desire to buy your first e-cigarette. Colleagues from work or university recommended the Smok Nord model. You can find it on our vape shop website
not one but three different versions of this equipment. The question is: How do they differ? That's why today we will answer and help you choose your Nord!
3 Nord models and their characteristics:

Nord 50W - incredibly versatile

The equipment should be simple and interesting at the same time? Nord 50W is exactly what you are looking for. Display, button, watt regulation, air flow controller and 1800 mAh battery. The main argument here, however, are the heaters and cartridges. 3 different cartridges and lots of heaters to choose from. Power and taste - LP2 coil, experience similar to analog cigarettes (MTL) - Nord coil with a resistance of 1.4. The list could go on and on, so suffice it to say that this model will get you started with e-cigarettes. Thanks to it, you will learn the MTL and DL vaping styles and understand the importance of coil resistance.

Nord 50W available here.

Smok Nord C - The force will be with you

Multifunctional capsule module with a large capacity battery, adjustable power, heating heads for direct inhalation and mouth-to-lung inhalation. SMOK Nord C fits perfectly in your hand, is comfortable to hold and, despite a wide range of functions and an efficient battery, offers compact dimensions, thanks to which you can take Nord C with you everywhere. The integrated battery has a capacity of 1800mAh, which ensures a sufficiently long time of comfortable vaping on one charge. Charging is provided by a fast USB-C port, and thanks to the clear display you can always see the remaining battery capacity.

Thanks to the practical display, you always have information not only about the remaining battery capacity, but also about the set power, measured resistance, output voltage and number of shells. Thanks to the intelligent chip inside, you can intuitively set the power in the range of 5W-50W, so you can enjoy stable heating of the coil and first-class vaping pleasure. For simple and quick configuration, you have three buttons at your disposal - one main one for vaping, turning on and off, and two adjustment buttons for adjusting the performance itself. There is also a handy lock function to prevent unwanted power changes.

In addition to the Nord C mode, the set also includes a plastic pod, i.e. a tank for e-liquid, which also serves as a mouthpiece and a heating head is inserted into it. The capsule is already installed with an RPM 2 head with a low resistance of 0.16 Ω and a mesh coil ensuring excellent vapor production, great taste and direct inhalation into the lungs. As a spare, the set includes a head with a resistance of 0.6Ω and two heating coils for a looser oral-pulmonary coating. Additionally, smooth and precise regulation of the air supply allows for precise adjustment of the cover clearance. Combined with the included heads, you will enjoy the perfect vaping pleasure according to your imagination.

Nord C available here.

SMOK Nord 2 a return to the classics

SMOK Nord 2 is smarter, lasts longer, holds more cartridges and offers higher performance than the previous version, all while maintaining the same dimensions. The integrated battery has a capacity of 1500mAh, which is enough for all-day comfortable vaping. There is a fast micro USB port for charging. A simple display has also been added, thanks to which you can easily control Nord 2 and set the exact power that will suit your needs. Overall use is extremely comfortable thanks to the easy-to-maintain pods, making the Nord 2 suitable even for complete beginners.

Below is a plastic tank that is used to fill the e-liquid and also serves as a mouthpiece into which the heating head is inserted. It is the head that produces steam using a coil and organic cotton. Replacing the heating head regularly is easy because the head does not need to be mounted or screwed in any complicated way, it can simply be inserted into the capsule. With a capacity of up to 4.5 ml and easy filling, it is the perfect companion for non-vaping. Additionally, you can adjust it thanks to the adjustable power in the range of 1W-40W. A big advantage is also compatibility with many different heating heads that can be replaced in Nord 2. In addition to the two tips in the set, you can also buy the exact head that will allow you to enjoy vaping fully and without restrictions.

SMOK Nord 2 available here.

The 3 Smok Nord models are significantly different from each other and are aimed at different target groups. We hope that with our help you will understand better what the differences are and will choose your perfect Nord without any major dilemmas.

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