10 of the most annoying questions about e-cigarettes 0
10 of the most annoying questions about e-cigarettes

10 of the most annoying questions about e-cigarettes

We hate answering them because they are thoughtless, ignorant and we have been asked them hundreds of times.

People have learned reactions to many behaviors. When you say that you are slimming, even if you weigh 200 kg, there will always be someone who will ask "You? And of what? ”. When you talk about a loved one who has died, even if they have been dead for 100 years, there will always be someone who has watched too many movies and will say "I'm sorry." When you boast about entering a new relationship on FB, you will read congratulations, when you boast that the relationship is over, people will get sad (WHY?!?!?) And they will be… how? Sorry, of course! They will be cheered up the moment someone else informs them that she is pregnant. He'll get congratulations. For what? After all, it has not yet been born.

E-cigarette smokers are even worse. We don't have one question that we still have to answer. We have many more, so I thought it would be a good idea to start by answering the most frequently asked questions for smokers. Yes, so that I would never have to repeat the same thing again.

Let's start with the most popular:

1. Do you smoke?

Such a situation. You smoke the e-cigarette according to the commandments. Into your mouth, take it out, puff out smoke, and then into your mouth again. It would seem that this is an activity that is associated only with smoking, and yet an outsider asks this sacramental question: do you smoke? Greatly surprised. It is like asking someone without legs if it is true that they do not have legs.

Yes it is.

Yes, I do smoke.

2. And that helps with throwing?

Very. I've been quitting for five years. I am doing so well that I am in no rush to switch to carrot smoking and most e-smokers are in a similar situation. We don't get rid of anything, we don't fight anything. We just like it.

3. Does it give you something?

This question is hardest to answer to people who have never smoked, because, in fact, smoking is a pointless activity. The answer to smokers is the easiest way: it gives the same thing as a normal cigarette. And even more.

4. How does it work?

Fortunately, much better than a few years ago, when it did not even want to act. My first adventure with e-cigarettes from 10 years ago was running around the city like a drug addict after a dealer and looking for sellers. Not infrequently, they opened the door for you in slippers and sold refills for a few euros. Today there are a lot of stores, and the e-cigarette itself is a very simple device. There is a battery and a fluid reservoir. The battery is charged via USB and the liquid is poured into the tank. You press a button, the liquid heats up, you sniff like a normal cigarette and hocus-pocus: smoke appears. So steam, because with smoke it only has a common appearance.

5. And what? Is it better than normal?

I smoke. About once every six months someone gives me a treat. The last time it was probably in September. It is good to smoke a normal one now and then to remind yourself how disgusting tobacco tastes, how smelly smoke is, and how bad it is to smoke a whole cigarette. youth, and this in turn will make them reach for "normal". It's more or less like selling a Mercedes and buying yourself a Rover.
Can you? You can.

6. Are you addicted?

A question of the kind that does not know what the questioner is for. No I am not. And what? Yes I am. And what?

I am also addicted to chocolates, bread, cola and telephone.

7. Did you know there's nicotine in it too?

Can not be! Oh my God. What now?!

I have the impression that many people mistake nicotine for tar. Or puts it on an equal footing. Nicotine is addictive. And what? But you don't die of nicotine. Well, at least not in the way you die after years of traditional smoking. It's possible to live with nicotine addiction, and it's a pretty normal life. It's like asking a Coca-Cola drinker: do you know there's caffeine in it?

8. I wonder if it doesn't poison more?

Interesting. Very. I stay awake at night and wonder if it poisons me more than a normal cigarette. The ignorant (most) and the opponents of e-cigarettes (margin) also stay awake at night. Their unfulfilled dream is to finally read how harmful e-cigarettes are, how they kill their victims. Years go by, and nothing here. From time to time, some second-tier doctor will say that e-cigarettes are harmful and that this is the news of the day, and FB is filled with comments "I told you so?"
It was the same with cell phones. In the early years, people waited for someone to prove that they caused cancer.

Sooner or later it will turn out that e-cigarettes do some harm, because it is hard for something you inhale every day not to be harmful, but they will certainly be incomparably less harmful than cigarettes, and I suppose they will be (because they are) less harmful even from car exhaust fumes.
Any ban on public smoking of e-cigarettes is based on ignorance. And when decisions are made out of ignorance, then you are stupid.

9. Is it cheaper?

I do not know. Certainly not to me, because I change the fluid tanks every two or three days. I must always have a new and fresh one, but smarter people can ride one and two weeks. Or even longer, because they wash, dry and air it. I have no idea how much smoking costs me, but it definitely costs me a lot less than buying a pack of Marlboros every day.

10. Is it smoke?

Take it easy. It is not poisonous and do not listen to those who say it is poison. You can sit back, stand, sleep and kiss the e-smoker even when he is blowing smoke straight in your face. This smoke is steam. There are no substances that will attack your lungs, so don't be outraged when someone smokes in front of you because you are going crazy.

Unfortunately, among e-smokers there are posers who ostentatiously inhale the smoke in public places and then blow it out (they do not breathe it into their lungs to make it thicker and more visible). They do it because they are simple people who want to show off that they have an e-cigarette and can smoke it with impunity, and try to draw attention to such a person, they will be thrown in advance with a stupid text. Ignore such people, it doesn't make sense for you to bother yourself with simpletons. I also smoke in public, but I do so very discreetly.

Why not stink when you can stink.

When 10 years ago I used an e-cigarette for the first time, I was convinced that they would make a revolution within 3 years. It did not happen, which was due to many factors. First of all, there is no strong lobby in the media and among politicians. As a result, electronic smoking, instead of becoming a salvation for heavy smokers, is treated only as an alternative, and by ignorant people as "the same" as an ordinary cigarette. Often, when I say that I do not smoke, I hear: "Well, you do smoke!". I think it is healthier to smoke e-cigarettes every day than to drink alcohol every day, and in many Irish homes, alcohol in the evening after work is a constant on the agenda.

The world would be more beautiful if normal cigarettes were suddenly banned. In recent years, I have become their great opponent and I fully agree with those who are striving for a total ban on smoking outside their home, and I do not feel the need to object when I read that somewhere there are attempts to ban smoking, even in apartments. I hate the stench of smokers, I avoid their apartments, I avoid going to smoky places and plug my nose on the bus when someone who has just smoked stands next to me. Let him know he stinks.

E-cigarettes are like shaving gel

If one day it turns out that e-cigarettes are harmful to passive smokers (which I think will never happen), I will also become a supporter of a smoking ban in public places. Until then, the presumption of innocence and common sense applies. E-cigarettes are healthier, more convenient and tastier. So why didn't normal smokers switch to it? After all - it would seem - it is such an obvious step.
I think it's just like shaving gels. I once mentioned to you that while visiting the Carmex lotion factory in Milwaukee, I met a man who was one of the inventors of such a gel.

“Do you know what men used to use before shaving?” He asked me.

- Foam?

- Exactly. Have you ever used a gel?

- Of course. It is much more comfortable and pleasant than wetsuit.

- Perhaps. When we invented the shaving gel, nobody wanted to use it. We needed 17 years to change men's habits.

If you need seventeen years to do this, there is still a long way to go before e-cigarettes.

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