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10 tips to help e-cigarette will serve you much longer

Buying the most expensive, even the best equipment and branded liquids will not replace some of the basic steps that translate into long and reliable service to every e-cigarette.
Importantly, compliance with the described guidelines should not cause major problems even for beginners and takes very little time, and certainly positively will affect the condition of the equipment and will be reflected in an even greater pleasure to e-smoking.

1. Keep the e-cigarette in a safe place
Grounds maintenance of electronic cigarette in good condition, which forgets the majority of users. The unit should be kept away from heat and moisture. They should also protect against intense sunlight.

2. Move e-cigarettes in a case or on a leash
Unfortunately, e-cigarettes are not indestructible and resistant to the laws of gravity. As in the case of modern electronic equipment most often they end their life falls from extreme heights, various types of fractures and cracks, bitten by animals or experiments carried out by children or friends. Most of these incidents can be avoided by tucking our equipment in a special protective case or hanging it around his neck.
3. Avoid fully discharge the battery
Contrary to the assurances of many manufacturers not worth Prevent too often, completely discharged from our e-cigarette. Maintaining a constant and high energy level will extend the life of our battery and provide the appropriate intensity of e-smoking. Before a long trip, make sure that the battery is full.
4. Clean the threads of the battery
Dirty threads battery may adversely affect its performance and reduce the intensity of your smoking. Just every now and then gently wipe it with a piece of cloth or cotton swab
5. Clean the mouthpiece
The mouthpiece accumulates many impurities, which may contribute to the reduction of air flow. The easiest way to remove them by removing the mouthpiece and rinsing it in hot water.
6. Wash regularly Clearomizer
Proper and regular maintenance Clearomizer will maintain its high level performance and greatly extend its life. Just unscrew Clearomizer from the battery, remove the mouthpiece, and then thoroughly wash it with warm water. After the operation, be sure to thoroughly drying all items before reuse.
7. Replacement Heater
Regular replacement of the heaters is essential to maintain proper taste and power smoking. They are the part that wears out with each puff. Try to change them at least once a month and whenever the e-smoking feel the taste of burning or hear gurgling.
8. Do not overtighten Clearomizer
Clearomizer tighten battery with feeling and do not try to never connect any components on the power. Using too great power or greater number of revolutions may result in irreversible damage to the threads.
9. Do not let too low liquid level
In the case of modern Clearomizer bottom heater can not allow too low liqudu. It may cause a burning heaters or damage clearomziera. Note that the liquid level was always higher than the lower openings in the heater.
10. Keep liquid away from the sun
It is recommended to store liquidów a cool dry place.

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1: Electronic-cigarette does not turn on

Possible causes:

a) The battery is locked

You press the battery by trying to enlist the e-cigarette and nothing happens? Virtually all batteries have a system that protects against accidental activation and discharge. You can freely enable or disable the lock.

Solution: Click five times in a few seconds to switch the battery. Colorful flicker to the button on / off lockout.

b) The battery connection is bad

Incorrectly threaded thread or dirty battery effectively prevent e-smoking.

Solution: Make sure the battery is fully screwed. Remove all debris from the space connecting the battery and Clearomizer.
 2: The taste of burning while e-smoking

Possible causes:

a) The use of e-cigarette immediately after filling

Solution: Wait a few minutes after adding liquid. This will ensure that the individual components of the heating system will be sufficiently soaked with fluid.

b) Worn heater

Heater life depends on the intensity and frequency of smoking. Try to replace the heater at least once a month. This does not require major financial outlays and it takes just a few minutes.

Solution: Replace the heater in the e-cigarette.

c) The low level of liquid

Too low liquid level heater accelerates wear, resulting in an unpleasant burning aftertaste.

Solution: Add the liquid for e-cigarette and do not allow for this to his level was too low.
 3: E-cig gives off very little mist

Possible causes:

a) Unsuitable liquid

Power and composition of liquid affects the intensity and amount of secreted clouding haze. Liquids whose composition is based on the pure propylene glycol may behave differently from those containing pure glycerine.

Solution: Find out more about the composition of the liquid used and possibly try a different kind of mix.

b) Too low battery

Battery power is reflected in the intensity of smoking and type of haze produced.

Solution: Obtain a more powerful battery
4: E-cigarette smoking does not satisfy hunger

Possible causes:

a) Power liquid is too low

You have to remember that e-cigarettes do not emit tar and many smokers previously regular cigarettes, it seems that the selected liquid is too weak.

Solution: Try more power liqudu.

b) Do you use the wrong e-cigarette

The quality of the device, kind of tension and Clearomizer is really important.

Solution: Invest in better equipment - preferably in the one that will be equipped with a modern heating system. EirHorse Titanium is the optimal solution is Clearomizer with the bottom heater and a capacious battery.
c) Do you use e-cigarettes in a bad way

Most new users of e-cigarettes are not aware that they should take out differently than the ordinary. The best method is to use long strokes and brief detention of mist in her mouth before referring it to the lungs.

Solution: Use long strokes and Keep a mist in her mouth before entering the lungs.

d) Battery empty

e-cigarette charger

Probably the battery is almost empty or you never have time to recharge it to the end.

Solution: Try to fully charge the battery, and certainly feel the difference when e-smoking. If the battery is already too worn out and reduced its capacity is time to think about replacing.

e) The problem with Clearomizer

Remember, the service of the e-cigarette is not just about pouring liquidu and battery charge. Some parts wear out during everyday use and require regular replacement.

Solution: Replace the heater in clearomizerze and make sure that it is not flooded with liquid.
 5: Leaking Clearomizer

Possible causes:

a) incorrectly screwed Clearomizer, leakage of liquid:

Solution: Make sure that Clearomizer been properly screwed to the battery.

b) Faulty Clearomizer

Solution: If everything is connected correctly, and despite adequate level of filling liquid is still leaking, replace Clearomizer.
 6: E-cigarette will not charge

Possible causes:

a) You are using the wrong charger

Using the wrong charger may lead to irreversible damage to the battery.

Solution: Check that the charger recommended by the manufacturer of your e-cigarette.

b) Thread the battery or charger is dirty

cleaning of e-cigarette

The batteries used in e-cigarettes should be loaded only through the dedicated devices. We advise against the use chargers from other devices.

Solution: Check and clean the threads chargers and batteries from the e-cigarette.
7: Irritated throat

Propylene glycol is used in liquidas can cause dryness and irritation of the throat.

Solution: Eat more fluid or try liquids, the composition of which is based on pure glycerine.
 8: Gurgling e-cigarette

Electronic cigarette may seem strange sounds when Clearomizer is dirty or incorrectly tightened to the battery.

repair of e-cigarette

Solution: Clean thoroughly Clearomizer and carefully tighten it to the battery. Also check whether the liquid level is not too high and that the liquid did not get chance to air duct.
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