Hat is an electronic cigarette? Is it safe and is it really a better, more healthy option of smoking? Does e cigarette can satisfy my nicotine craving? And finally, what do I need to start? What model and e liquid I should choose?
This are the main questions asked in respect of e cigs.

So lets start from the beginning. The electronic cigarette basically is a specific personal vaporizer which allow their user to inhale nicotine. E cig basically consist of a battery and heating element (called atomizer, clearomizer, cartomizer).
The Clearomizer thanks to vaporizing specific liquid (e liquid) is emitting a cloud that resembles traditional smoking. The e liquid is a composition of a of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, nicotine, and flavorings.

Are they safe? It is very important to buy only from well know sources. In recent days we can observe increased accessibility of electronic cigarettes. We would suggest caution when buying e cigarette products, especially e liquids. Make sure they are properly tested. From the assumption the e liquid should only contain safe glycerin, glycol, nicotine and flavourings. No tar, no tobacco and any other carcinogenic substances. We would not recommend using "no branded" juices, or these that do not have ingredients listed and shelf life clearly printed on the bottle. All our e liquids come from World's top manufacturers and. It is worth to mention here that the Irish brand EirHorse was independently tested by CMA Trinity in Dublin. Eirhorse juice is produced with highest quality ingredients, including premium quality, natural flavorings.

Electronic cigarette will satisfy your craving thanks to the nicotine concluded in e liquid. And here we back to the question: So are The E Cigarettes fully safe? Unfortunately nicotine is highly addictive substance so we can't say they are completely safe. Electronic cigs are only safer than a traditional, tobacco cigarettes.

Now we come back to one of the most difficult question. How to start and what e cigarette model I should choose? Few years ago, when electronic cigarettes were poorly known, there was only one type of mini cigarettes. They looked like a real cigarette but in general, they didn't satisfy most of those heavy smokers. A lot of changed since. Now we have plenty different sizes and shapes. The revolution started when eGo type battery was invented. Today most of e cigarettes base on that battery. The main difference is in heating element. We have several different atomizers / clearomizers with top or bottom coil head, disposable or exchangeable heads and different solutions used. It is really not easy to make the right choice.
You will probably need to try few different clearomizers before you find the best one. We can give you some guidelines but that really depends from the personal preferences. One will like botton coil EirHorse Titanium, when someone else preffer traditional EirHorse top coil large 2.5ml clearomizer.

The next step is to get the right e liquid. That is even more difficult. The market offers wide range of flavours from tobacco to fruity types. For the first time users we suggest try liquid closely recalling the taste of cigarettes you used to smoke. Most of brands offer these types of liquids. For example EirHorse Diamond BH, Dekang USA MIX, Hangsen Tobacco De Luxe.
When you become more familiar with e smoking you can experiment with more fancy flavours like banana.

  E liquid is available in a 10ml bottle with nicotine strength starting from 0 mg to 24 mg. Some Brands like Feelife offer Super High 36 mg strength, but in general the highest is 24mg. What exactly it means? In short, it's the amount of nicotine for each millilitre of E-Liquid. For example strength 24mg testifies of 24mg of nicotine content in each ml of e liquid. In a 10ml bottle of 24mg e liquid there is 240mg nicotine. If you wonder how much nicotine is in youe clearomizer, you can use our simple calculation. In average there are 20 drops of e-liquid per milliliter. So 24mg/20 drops gives us approximately 1.2mg of nicotine per each drop. You should be aware that it doesn't mean you absorb the whole nicotine. It depends from many factors, like e cig models you are using or your way os inhaling. You may absorb only around 60% of nicotine included in your e juice.
For all those who smoke around one pack of tobacco cigarettes per day we would suggest 24mg strength.
18mg is a middle strength type. With the time most of former users convert to this strength. It is one of the most popular options.
Low nicotine 11-12mg strength is ideal for all those who used to smoke light cigarettes.
And finally the lower nicotine strength 6mg. It is a really light hit of nicotine. The last step before you already to eliminate nicotine completely.

Lately, e-liquids start to be recognized by the name of brands. Each brand possesses a unique formula that makes the e-juices different from the other. The Eirhorse Juice presently became the most favored and approved e-liquid among the e smokers. Eirhorse juice is an Irish e-liquid produced with highest quality ingredient, including premium quality, natural flavorings. As per the manufacturers, this e-juice is the best selling e-liquid. This solution is based on a propylene glycol and a vegetable glycerin. E liquid is available in a 10ml bottle with nicotine strength starting from 0 mg to 24 mg. All multi flavors give a premium taste of e-liquid and help to enhance the vaping experience. The vapers gets a mouthwatering taste and fresh aroma of the flavor. EirHorse juice works best with the mechanical mods which help to produce thick vapor when the user inhale and exhale the vapor.

The Eirhorse - Watermelon, mango,strawberry and lemon - those flavors instantly give a savory taste to the vaper as soon as they start puffing. E liquid Eirhorse Irish coffee is another interesting and delicious flavor manufactured by Eirhorse with a sugary taste of whisky blended with smooth creamy flavor. Finally, the Eirhorse- strawberry- milk e-liquid is an epitome of perfect strawberry milkshake and resembles strawberry custard. This Ireland made e-liquid tastes excellent and is the most popular among the other two Eirhorse flavors. Buying e-liquids lately became very convenient as you can find many vapor stores in Ireland which are stuffed with different brands of e-liquids. You will find all flavors of Eirhorse juice easily in these stores and you can even shop online from different vapor stores. So, make your vapourising experience more interesting using this e-juice.


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